Latitude 22.9068° Pres. Anthea (UK) and [email protected] (UY)

  • Anthea has cemented herself in the forefront of house and techno talents. Once a behind-the-counter fixture of London’s Flying Records, Black Market Records, and Phonica Records, Berlin-based Anthea has been honing her tastemaker’s ear for over 10years. After building a reputation as the most in-demand female DJ in London, Anthea now disseminates her distinct brand of funk-fueled music to every corner of the globe as a world-renowned DJ, producer, and vocalist, collaborating alongside many of the scene’s underground heroes and pioneering her very own, Partisan label. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With strong connections to a special music scene in Uruguay, [email protected] has been an essential product of electronic music in the country for over a decade alongside the likes of DJ Koolt, Melina Serser, Nicolas Lutz or Omar to name a few. The sound of [email protected] (either as producing or djing) is best described as a blend of house techno and breaks. However, he says “As a DJ I do not like going only one way in my sets. I think if you play the right stuff in the right way, then you can make a mix of everything, with it all still making sense.
  • Latitude 22.9068° Pres. Anthea (UK) and Z@P (UY) - Flyer front