Club Night Club: Hodge, Logos, and Chevel -

  • Deconstructed club? Bass music? Broken techno? Whatever you want to call it, these three DJs are gonna play some weird stuff, and you'll probably love it.
  • UPDATE! WE ARE NOW SOLD OUT OF PRESALE. PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] DIRECTLY TO GET ADDRESS. COME AT 11PM OR 4-5PM TO GET TICKETS AT THE DOOR Closing out 2019 we have invited some very special guests from near and far to rock a very special space that previous dancers will be all too familiar with. It's been a wonderful year for us here at Club Night Club - we'd love to see old faces for one last dance before entering 2020 - come get down with a serious crew! Warming things up we have Brooklyn's own DJ'J. Label boss over at Incienso and familiar face front right in the dance. We're excited to have some choice selections to set the tone for the long night ahead from a serious head. Topping the bill we've got Livity Sound regular Hodge. Little introduction needed for this badboy - prolific producer and connoisseur of Bristol techno, DJ extraordinaire, we're excited to see what he has in store for us in the headliner slot. Next up, Different Circles's own Logos. Label boss with Mumdance and pioneer in his own right of the crisp, weightless sound the pair have been pushing for years now. Who knows what to expect - a course in minimalist, low end, grime inspired tones? fierce breaks? Either way it'll be on a rack of eight custom subs. In that same vein, returning to Brooklyn is an old friend: CHEVEL. Recently compared to the next Aphex Twin - Chevel made the leap from a background in techno, sidestepping into the weightless genre after a series of heady releases on labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts. The result led to 2018's 'Always Yours' LP, a tough and tender course in sound design built for big systems. Finally, closing out a long night of varied sound, who better to do so than naano tani vs. baitong~xystemes. Hyph Stems crew member, expect the unexpected, from a sick DJ who we've followed for some time. This event is taking place in a very special space that Club Night Club regulars will be familiar with. Tickets available now. You know the drill. We look forward to seeing you in the dance ❤️ - CNC xx
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  • Club Night Club: Hodge, Logos, and Chevel - - Flyer front
    Club Night Club: Hodge, Logos, and Chevel - - Flyer back