Monticule Festival 2020

  • This cosy festival, held annually in the luscious French countryside, turns five with a classy lineup.
  • A little hill in the middle of nowhere. Sprinkled with oak trees, surrounded by flowing water, home to millions of big and small beings. Here, in the midst of the 'Triangle Noir du Quercy‘, firmament is so bright that one can receive a glimpse of the universe. Ancient monastery ruins on the foot of the hill give evidence for 1200 years of human life. Different humans, with different visions, in different times and situations. In six years, this hill is also home to a new human species. A wild bunch of urban but swinging souls, listening to strange sounds that they call music, while scurrying over his head in dense clouds of fog. All this seemed a bit odd to the hill in the beginning. But after some time he realised that those beings treat him with love and openness and welcomed them, just as all the others before, with a big friendly hug. And this warm hug creates change. While taking refuge in the hill’s arms, one is able to enter a deeper connection with oneself. And from time to time it might become visible, that there is no difference between small and big beings, no difference between urban life and natural hideout and no difference between strange sounds and inner connection. It’s just about to be present and to see what’s possible. One hill. One globe. One love.
  • Monticule Festival 2020 - Flyer front