Frædag x Filter Musikk: Chris Liebing + Roland Lifjell

  • Techno monolith Chris Liebing arrives in the intimate space of our basement as the guest of Oslo’s Techno institution Filter Musikk and Roland Lifjell. A musical institution nestled in the heart of Oslo, Filter Musikk has long been a landmark for DJs and music enthusiasts in the Norwegian capital. From behind the counter, proprietor and Oslo DJ stalwart Roland Lifjell has cultivated a dedicated fan base around the shop with some of Oslo’s most prominent DJs and producers relying on Filter Musikk for everything in electronic music, from records to equipment. Filter Musikk has garnered a cult status in the city and it’s about time that it extends its influence from beyond its doors. Jæger provides a platform for Filter Musikk, showcasing the shop, it’s sonic aesthetic and the beating heart of it all, Roland Lifjell.