KUF Invites #1 – Paul Frick, Modern Twerking

  • For their new event series KUF invites Paul Frick. Instead of playing their usual repertoire, KUF will explore and improvise within a special set. Paul Frick will play a solo set and join the band for some tracks! Afterwards DJ set by Modern Twerking. 20:00 Doors 21:00 KUF / Paul Frick (live) 23:00 Modern Twerking (DJ) Paul Frick was born in Berlin. He took composition classes since the age of twelve with Il- Ryun Chung. From 2000 to 2008 he studied composition with Friedrich Goldmann at Universität der Künste Berlin. Together with Daniel Brandt and Jan Brauer he forms the group Brandt Brauer Frick. In August 2018 Paul Frick's solo debut album Second Yard Botanicals appeared on Apollo/R&S Records. KUF create emotion-laden dialogues across layers of time and dimensions of sound. Voices recorded in private and in the past are chopped up and brought out center-stage to sing with beats hammered out right here and now. Glowing synths push forward. Basslines rise to grab the melodic role of a track while a vowel is truncated and locked into a grid to drive the rhythm. Voices move within the time frame of a sample, performed by hands pushing keys, guided by the ear, immersed in a trio session’s deep flow… A vortex of quirky hands, responsive ears and glowing circuits.
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