BRET: Family - New Year Afterhours

  • Venue
    • Orlyplein 76, 1043 DP Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Date
    1 Jan 2020
    Wed 08:00 - Thu 08:00
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  • Attending
    • 10
  • This year was quite a ride thanks to all of you. Those mornings, when the sun reaches the dancefloor, you are surrounded by like-minded people and you are full of that feeling that it won't end soon. Those evenings, where the room fills up with smoke and the only thing you see are silhouettes of plants and fellow dancers. That is why we would like to look back to 2019 with all these highlights one more time. We've invited our beloved friends to bring this ambiance back to our red cube. Each of them will host a part of this 24-hours-Family-Afair. Our friends will be announced soon. 🎫 TICKETS 🎫 Will be available Wednesday 20th at 20:20. ♻️ CUP SYSTEM ♻️ At BRET we care about the environment and that’s why we want to decrease our plastic use and waste. Therefore, we use our new cup system. 🏠 HOUSERULES 🏠 Take in some rules for when you're in our venue: 📰 NEWSLETTER 📰 Keep yourself updated with latest news and event programme from BRET with our monthly newsletter: 🗺️ ROUTE 🗺️ (6-minute train from Centraal Station) 🅿️ PARKING 🅿️ Bike is your best friend, or during new years – walking/taxi even better. If you PROMISE to sober up before driving or coming back for your four-wheeler after some rest, park it here:
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