Danzha Session 002 • Momentdat, Root, Eyor

  • Danzha Session 002: Danzha’s experience continues. Always receiving you with a vivid and fresh sound, you will attend an experience close to magic. - Momentdat , Cosmin Dumitru by his real name, is born in eastern talent pool Braila and currently living in Bucharest. Quite a discrete figure in the scene, he shared his music with the crowd in various independent projects with fellow Clep and lovely Miss I; big vinyl junkie, he had numerous appearances in Misbits Record Shop clashes, coming to speak about Misbits, he is also co-creator and curator in Misbits Recordings with Ioana Parlog, an exquisite label “drawing its energies from nature’s unspoiled soundscapes.” In more recent projects he developed with Alexandru Mitroi an experimental, ambient act – Bogus. Cosmin contributes in the performance with electronica of drum machines, synths, keyboards, effects and samples from field recordings while Alexandru plays the electronic guitar altered with various effects, all morphing into atmospheric rhythms and effects. - Root , Cesar found his love of music at his early years inspired by a wide spectrum of genres and styles, Experimenting a deep back-grounded unique frequencies that forges his visions. he was first initiated to the electronic music, in his birthplace Gafsa, in North Africa, through the repetitive percussion of the groovy native drummers in Tunisian streets and Sahara’s desert, added with the analogue gears and racks from Detroit to Berghain, creating a whole state of resonance through precise elements and sound generators to ensure the astral trip to the mood, taking influences from a wide range of music styles and genres. His dynamic style glides effortlessly between the experimental and groovy four to the floor sound perspectives, continues to take him around the world leaving a touch of his magic in every booth he steps into. - Eyor , Emerging straight from Tunis, Eyor is a Dj/producer who spends his hours in the studio skimming for the cream of the crop of minimal music. Influenced by a wide spectrum of minimal music, his deeply researched and carefully crafted productions are what make Eyor’s music straightforward. ___ Expect quality, and a great selection of underground minimal music. Date : Saturday, December 14th, 2019 Location : WAX BAR, Tunis Line up ( Alphabetical order ) : Eyor facebook.com/Eyor.hch soundcloud.com/eyorhch Momentdat facebook.com/Momentdat soundcloud.com/momentdat Root facebook.com/ROOT.cesar soundcloud.com/root-cesar Pass : FREE ENTRY . For more infos please contact @DanzhaTN . ___________________________________
  • Danzha Session 002 • Momentdat, Root, Eyor - Flyer front
    Danzha Session 002 • Momentdat, Root, Eyor - Flyer back