Raime • Aamin • New Scenery • C4E + Domes Office Party

  • A handful of exciting, club-spectrum-traversing artists from London join some of Liverpool's top talent on their home turf in an intimate setting.
  • ~ Cartier 4 Everyone + Domes FM Office Party 2019 ~ • Solstice 21st December. 8pm-3am. £4 here & now, £6 later later. • Friends and relatives, old and new - from both sides of the family... • Domes satellite familiars Raime take it in turns, splitting the night in two with separate sets from Tom (dancehall) and Joe (dark jungle). Will be slamming as the group have just digitised their extensive collections, so will become very 'Art of DJing' very quickly. • Our favourite new friend Aamin of day-time Tate gallery ground-shattering, kid-friendly DJ set fame and infamy, and of the evocative, provocative, scene-boosting new pxdcast Exposed, comes back to teach us all a lesson in correct spin class: 90 degree rinse mode cycle. • London's friendliest promoters New Scenery are a venerable trio of world-shaping, earth-bettering types - and they're here for it. Jasper Jarvis, Marnie Tempo and Sow all hop on for a how-to sesh on "what's next", b3b style. • 'Fast' Eddy of Bidston Observatory's own in-house, artist-run internet radio station Domes comes correct with deep, personal experiences in the speedy transition. Grand knowledge of the fringes of '90s rave means this is the glue that holds the night together. • Cartier 4 Everyone hustlers/hasslers/diamond watch 3D printers M T Hall, George \m/ and expat north of the border DJ Amtrak will glide through hard pop, trance and bass. Zero water-cooler smalltalk! Str8 down 2 business... after one more wee break. Raising funds for Domes FM - Bidston Observatory's artist-run radio station. There'll be 25 tickets for sale on here, and 25 kept back for paying on the door. Thaaanks. Kazimier Stockroom is a limited capacity venue with room for 50 like-minded humans so please bring good attitude and big clique energy. Last entry has to be 11:30pm XO
  • Raime • Aamin • New Scenery • C4E + Domes Office Party - Flyer front