Aaron J & Lychee (All Night)

  • "How does a gathering become a 'happening,' that is, greater than the sum of its parts? One answer is contamination. We are contaminated by our encounters; they change who we are as we make way for others. As contamination changes world-making projects, mutual worlds - and new directions - may emerge. Everyone carries a history of contamination; purity is not an option." -Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing 🍥🍥🍥 Aaron J b2b Lychee 🎶 soft / squishy / psychedelic / all night 🎶 https://soundcloud.com/lycheefrut https://soundcloud.com/aaronjmusic Artwork by Johan Bonnefoy. 🍥🍥🍥
  • Aaron J & Lychee (All Night) - Flyer front