Anthony Parasole / Steve Bicknell / 0.001

  • An American techno titan meets a British one for a night of thunderous beats.
  • ◾️ ANTHONY PARASOLE◾️ To New Yorkers, Anthony Parasole should need no introduction. From his roots at Halcyon Records, through his partnership with Levon Vincent running Deconstruct Music, as full-time label boss for The Corner and one of the first residents at Output, his involvement with NYC techno is fundamental. Now a resident at Berghain with his album “Infrared Vision” on Dekmantel, he has taken his deft touch and bone-deep selections to the world stage. ◾️ STEVE BICKNELL ◾️ Fellow lifer Steve Bicknell joins from the UK. Active for nearly 30 years, he co-directed London’s infamous LOST parties as well as the Cosmic Records. Since the mid-1990’s his productions have remained at the cutting edge of techno, pushing the genre from its rugged roots to machine-honed precision. A true master at his craft, Bicknell continues exploring both as a solo artist and in collaboration with fellow vets Function & Luke Slater in LSD. ◾️ 0.001 ◾️ Cipher founder 0.001 is one of Brooklyn’s most devoted wormhole navigators. Her sets ripple with gelatinous psychedelic energy, drawing on techno’s most elemental qualities.
  • Anthony Parasole / Steve Bicknell / 0.001 - Flyer front