Nowadays Nonstop: New Years

  • Whether Analog Soul DJ are spinning vinyl or holding down the CDJs, this pair is well-versed in the classics, and aren't afraid of embracing the darker elements of house and techno. Catch them as part of another amazing 24-hour-plus NYE party at Nowadays.
  • Alright, this one very close now and if you're coming through we're real excited to be ringing in the next decade with you soon. There are a few things worth reading before we get started: ☻ THE TICKETS / ENTRANCE: - If the ticket tiers above are greyed out and have a line through them it means that it's not possible to get any more in advance. - We'll do our best to make it possible to buy tickets on the door but this is entirely dependent on our capacity inside throughout the party. If you don't have a ticket and you want to come, best to be down here before 10pm, between 3am and 7am or after 1pm. - If you have a ticket, you have to arrive between the hours listed on your ticket. To illustrate: if you buy a "5am to 2pm" ticket, your first entry should be between 5am and 2pm, but you can stay and re-enter until the party is done; if you buy a "2pm - close" ticket, you can only enter after 2pm on New Years Day. - Once you've come in during the designated window time on your ticket, you can come and go as you please. If you don't enter during the designated window of time, you'll lose your spot and need to buy a new ticket (assuming there's space inside). Once you're inside, can also stay as long as you'd like as long as you abide by our safer space policy (more on that below). ☻ THE REFRESHMENTS: - We have a 24 hour liquor license for this so it will be possible to buy alcohol at the bar all night and day. - If you're coming to the Planetarium portion of the party (6pm - 10pm) food from Diner by The Izakaya will be served buffet style between 6pm and 7.30pm. - We'll have bar snacks and paninis available from 10pm onward and we'll have some breakfast items available from 7am onward. ☻ SAFER SPACE: In an effort to create a space where all people feel safe, we don’t allow any of these things within our walls or in our back yard: ⇢ Violence ⇢ Non-Consensual Touching ⇢ Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Sexist or Other Discriminatory Language ⇢ Leering If someone says or does anything to make you feel uncomfortable while you’re here, let us know. All our bartenders, security, managers, sound staff and door staff can help you. ☻ PHONES AND PHOTOS: For the sake of the vibe, please don’t use your phone or take pictures on or around the dance floor.
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