Excursions: Atlanta 2019

  • No hype, no bullshit, just true school, soulful dance music all night long. Excursions, already a Detroit tradition and is quickly establishing itself in ATL as well.
  • Because of scheduling complications at Space 2, we had to change the date from Friday Dec. 20th to Sunday (Dec. 22nd) and moving next door to SOUND TABLE. Welcome to the 3rd edition Excursions: ATL! So just before the holidays, we take our act on the road and we link up with our brothers in music, Kai Alce and Brooklyn's very own, Kim Lightfoot. It looks to be a busy weekend, we're very glad to be apart of it. See you on the dance floor!
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      $10 (with Excursions T-Shirt all night) to $15 after midnight
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