Salitre x Holydubs presents '10 Years Holydubs'

  • SALITRE Vigo presents the 10 years of Holydubs. It is a pride for all our team to have this line-up in our project, a sociocultural movement founded by Southear and Anxiety for Living, which seeks to resuscitate the primitive instinct of latent clubbing in Vigo. ICF (Holydubs, VOID - ES) Throughout the years, ICF has achieved a strong reputation due to his technical ability. He is able to mix almost anything that goes through his hands. In his risky selections he converges techno, electro, house, acid, IDM or broken rhythms. An example of his style is the Holydubs platform, that he joins together with 1st Degree and which has been active since 2009. He has a clear “forward thinking” spirit, and artists like Neil Landstrumm, Conforce, Lee Gamble, Andrea, Stenny, among others have collaborated in his events. Resident of Vigo and with a wide trajectory, he has participated in festivals such as the RA 24/7 Bogotá (Colombia), Soundwave (Croatia) o Re:sound (London). He has been linked to the renowned Video Club of the Colombian capital and he has managed the Holydubs Radio Show in Overcast Radio. ICF is also half of VOID, together with Posse, a project focused on the dark side of electronic music, metal, ambient and the industrial music. 1st Degree a.k.a. 99 Covens (Holydubs - ES) He was born in Madrid. Since he was very young, he started to take an interest in music. It was in the winter of 2000, when he found himself for the first time with a turntable. This led him to be active in a wide variety of electronic collectives of the capital, becoming a reference in the national drum&bass scene. He was the ideologist and founder of the platform Holydubs (Madrid), and has collaborated and/or participated in so different events and projects such as: Low Festival, Red Bull Music Academy Madrid 2011, Mahou Eco Festival, Soundwave Festival (Croatia), LGTB Pride, Goa Fabrik, Mountainbass, among many others. As a DJ, he has shared booth with performers of such stature as Kode 9, Objekt, Neil Landstrumm, DMX Krew, Boddika, The Bug, Dj Hype o Asian Dub Fundation. Furthermore, he has performed in so many locals, in and out of Spain: Cafe 1001, Gherkin building (London), Video club (Bogotá), Habitas (Tulum), Privilege (Ibiza), Fabrik (Madrid), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Barraca (Valencia). From a musical point of view, he offers two clearly different sides: 1st Degree, oriented to the dance floor (UK Bass, House, Techno, Electro, DnB) and 99 Covens, alter ego with which he signs sessions of introspective electronic more oriented to easy listening.
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