Keinemusik 10x10 Berlin with &ME, Adam Port, Rampa, Reznik

  • We’re already looking back on an amazing tour, celebrating the 10 year existence of Keinemusik. To round all of it off, we are climaxing this whole 10x10 thing on familiar ground, in good old Berlin. We found an appropriate place for this, our final rave of the year. You know the drill, the whole crew consisting of &ME, Adam Port, Rampa and Reznik will play their most significant tunes of the year, making sure this one will be the pinnacle of this year’s birthday madness. Due to unforeseen reasons, we had to move the party into another location. It’s a decision that was actually out of our hands, but over the last two days we did everything we could and even a little bit more to not have the show cancelled and find a new and in many ways even better venue. We maybe can’t offer you a party with a view anymore, but instead East German chic galore. The whole thing will take place at the bowling alley of SEZ, the legendary sports and recreation centre at Volkspark Friedrichshain, Landsberger Allee 77, 10249 Berlin. One benefit of this change of events: the space is less limited, so it will be easier to get in, the presale is back on and our earlier suggestion to pre-sale ticket holders to come early is hereby obsolete. Come when you want, but bring your towels. It’s gonna be a workout! Date: Saturday Nov. 23rd Begin: 11pm New location: SEZ (Landsberger Allee 77, 10249 Berlin)
  • Keinemusik 10x10 Berlin with &ME, Adam Port, Rampa, Reznik - Flyer front