• We're returning Planetarium to the amazing private loft space where it started. There's a beautiful hi-fi system, couches and chairs and plentiful vibes. You can bring blankets, sleeping bags, pillows or anything else you'd like to make yourself comfortable. We only do a handful of reservations so that there's plenty of room to spread out. The session goes from 7pm to midnight on Friday, November 22nd. Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin will play records. stud1nt will play records and perform live pieces throughout the evening. You can bring your own drinks (there's no bar) and food (there are good places for to go orders nearby), and we'll have all the creature comforts that you might otherwise need inside, so you never have to leave the bubble we're creating. Because we're doing this at someone's home, we'll only send the location info to people who reserve a ticket in advance. So you know how to plan, we can tell you it's not too far from Nowadays, less than five minutes from the Halsey L. We're looking forward to getting lost in music with you.
  • Planetarium - Flyer front