Moder Bön IV

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    Modern Bön IV Hermann Kopp & Lorenzo Abattoir Present "Psicopompo" A-V Live Kris Vango Presents “Venus Ritus / Ares” A-V Live Verge & Ana Brumat A-V live Ellen Dscm Presents "Site Singing" Live Sciama Presents “Broken Circle” Live Ōtone Presents “The Tetsu Series “ Live E.I.N. Presents "The Fraudulence Paradox" A-V Live zvh (Tadas - Yaga Gathering) SR60 Presents “Kys“ A-V Live Krysalĭdis & Barış (0bapek) A-V Live Evestrum & Sa Bruxa Present "Saṃsāra" A-V Live XMTR + X Tin Present "Lucid Distortion" A-V Live Vu + PRVNTK Present "Rupture" A-V Live IlSantoBevitore Presents “Realm of Consciousness“ A-V Live Orgt Krp A-V Live
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  • Modern Bön IV Modern Bön presents its IVth annual ceremony, bringing 14 AV live sets, multimedia and performance art in a one-day-festival in Urban Spree, Berlin. This year we will focus on a more introspective direction presenting a line-up of musicians and electronic producers in a strong bond with visual and performative artists, that with abstract sounds and hypnotic experiences, will perform a modern ritual for the contemporary era. Limited Capacity 200 Tickets
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