Oktave presents Silent Servant (Sandwell District)

  • OKTAVE NYC PRESENTS: SILENT SERVANT (SANDWELL DISTRICT | LOS ANGLES) JEFF DERRINGER (OKTAVE | BROOKLYN) JUAN GAVIRIA (DEN OF THIEVES | NYC) On Thursday, January 21st, Oktave is pleased to present Silent Servant from the <a href="http://wherenext.tumblr.com/">Sandwell District</a> imprint out of Berlin. Sandwell District remains one of the most authentic, consistent and highest quality outlets for techno music despite an enigmatic absence of marketing and promotions. /////////////// SILENT SERVANT Silent Servant's involvement in Sandwell District started in 2006 with his first EP "The Silent Morning" followed by "The Blood of our King" in early 2008. Those releases set the stage for his latest work, fall 2008's acclaimed "Violencia" and 2009's stunning studio work "Negative Fascinations". Silent Servant also produced a mnml.ssgs podcast (mnml ssgs mx30: silent servant presents 'la segunda') in June 2009 that was described by it's hosts as "without doubt, one of the strongest mixes in the mnml ssgs mx series". <a href="http://mnmlssg.blogspot.com/2009/06/mnml-ssgs-mx30-silent-servant-presents.html">http://mnmlssg.blogspot.com/2009/06/mnml-ssgs-mx30-silent-servant-presents.html</a> The Central American born producer cut his teeth in the late '90s running the California-based Cytrax label. A chance meeting with Karl O'Conner in 1999 would establish a friendship that would later open the door to the Sandwell District label in 2006. Silent Servant's sound is a reinterpretation of early '80s post-punk electronics, paired with the deep, metallic sounds of Basic Channel and Downwards. One of Silent Servant's aliases "Jasper" also mixed the “Rauschen 15" disc for Force Inc, which made him into a successful international touring techno DJ performing in clubs worldwide from Osaka to Berlin. ////////////// JEFF DERRINGER Oktave resident Jeff Derringer has been writing, producing and performing music in the studios and on the stages of New York for more than a decade. Jeff hails from Chicago, where his electronic music inclinations were originally sparked and honed. He recently completed 'Century City,' an album-length techno project recalling early '80s film scores by the likes of Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter. Jeff has produced remixes for Lykke Li, Northern State and Galactic, amongst a host of other artists. For more info go to <a href="http://www.jeffderringer.com">jeffderringer.com</a>. <a href="http://www.oktave-nyc.com">http://www.oktave-nyc.com</a> ///////////// JUAN GAVIRIA Den of Thieves boss Juan Gaviria is a fixture in the NYC techno scene. As an early adopter of the developing genres, the culmination of timing and location definitely played their roles to get Juan into techno. In addition to conducting hundreds of interviews from the top echelon of international DJ's and marquee EDM artists [from now defunkt 5 year program FREQ, PSEUDO], Juan has curated numerous events, large and small. He has toured Europe and Japan [twice] by supporting a menagerie of very recognizable DJ personalities. <a href="http://denofthievesparty.blogspot.com">http://denofthievesparty.blogspot.com</a> //////////////// This is a 21+ and NO SMOKING event. NO COVER. SPACE IS LIMITED! TO INSURE ENTRY, PLEASE RSVP "ATTENDING" ON FACEBOOK, OR ADD THE EVENT TO YOUR DIARY ON RESIDENT ADVISOR. //////////////// Supplemental sound and overall setup for this special event being provided Stay's gracious host: Pjay of NYEX.org. <a href="http://www.nyex.org">http://www.nyex.org</a> ////////////////
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