TWH x Sferic Pres: Andrew Pekler - Phantom Islands Live A/V

  • TWH x sferic presents... ANDREW PEKLER LIVE A/V - the Berlin resident brings his unique blend of synthetic exotica and tropical electronics to Manchester for the first time in the shape of ‘Sounds From Phantom Islands’, his forthcoming album on Jan Jelinik’s Faitiche imprint. Based on the interactive online sonic atlas of the same name in which Pekler soundtracks the mysterious islands once charted, explored and written about but ultimately their existence remains unproven. ~ SPACE AFRIKA - Manchester’s finest post-ambient-dub duo perform their signature slow-stepping, spacious urban dubscapes and designer ambient bliss. Forging their sound palette from sonic references across the board as well as being heavily influenced by location and architecture to create their unique soundtrack to contemporary life. Recently spotted contributing to compilations for Alter and Ghostly; not forgetting their critically acclaimed ‘Somewhere Decent To Live’ on sferic last year. ~ JAKE MUIR (UK Debut) - LA / Berlin based ambient daddy anchors down on UK shores for the first time. Channeling a hybrid set of hazy ambient zones and tripping aquatic atmospheres. Focusing around the use of 'found sound', including field recordings, vinyl loops, and shortwave radio clips. Muir manipulates these audio fragments to distance them from their original context despite evoking deep ties to location, texture and mood. ~ Support from sferic label boss Will Boyd & Microdosing - founder of the cultishly adored ‘Room 2’ party and purveyor of the exquisitely stocked shelves at All Night Flight Records.
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  • TWH x Sferic Pres: Andrew Pekler - Phantom Islands Live A/V - Flyer front