We Should Hang Out More with Space Dimension Controller (Album Launch) Live & Alison Swing

  • ***Space Dimension Controller is now playing his full Brand New LIVE set · His live sets are the stuff of legend, this will be seriously special*** After many solitary years in space, Mr 8040 has made contact again... Reflective and introspective with a breathtaking command of melody and composition, Space Dimension Controller has long been a WSHOM hero. With a new album from deep space coming out on R&S Records, the home of landmark works, including Mercurial Attraction and Transatlantic Landing Bay, Jack Hamill brings an immersive, eclectic blend of sounds from a range of decades and genre identities, weaving sets with that ever present cosmic energy so identifiable to his production style. Absolutely stoked to welcome this traveller back to our corner of this distant planet to launch his new album. Whilst not being the outer reaches of the Horsehead Nebula, Los Angeles is still quite a hop to The Dear Green Place, but one Alison Swing is making via Berlin to join the welcoming party. A DJ we've loved ever since an XLR8R article early last year drew attention to the Dig Deeper founder and resident and her recent relocation to Berlin. Since then, she's been laying down at some of the most exciting, forward thinking parties in Europe, including a residency at Wilde Renate in her adoptive home. One of the most intuitive selectors of hazy euphoric dance floor cuts of funk laden house, disco and beyond, her sets set the bar in contemporary dance music and will be making serious waves in the coming years. Finally, oorselves. We Should Hang Out More, with our last 2019 appearance in Berkeley after a mad fucking year. lolOur last party for 2019 and what an absolute steeesher of a way to see out an absolutely bananas year of We Should Hang Out More promotions. CANNOT FURKING WAIT. FIVE AM LICENSE BAYBAY TIX ON RA/Eventcube ART BY SHOBERRY JAM. OH MAAAAAH GAAAHD ITS BEAUTIFUL! #WSHOM
  • We Should Hang Out More with Space Dimension Controller (Album Launch) Live & Alison Swing - Flyer front