Escalator to Nowhere & Latch with Marlene Stark

  • Venue
    TBA - North London
  • Date
    Fri, 13 Dec 2019
    21:00 - 04:00
  • Promoters
    Escalator to NowhereETN
  • Attending
    • 57
  • Following parties with The Pilotwings, 12th Isle, Mr. Ho, Powder, OKO DJ, and Bruits de la Passion, Escalator To Nowhere happily returns for the next episode in a series of loosely collected, lovingly curated night-time knee lifts. It all began after stumbling across a particularly melancholic entry in Tim's diary: “...The world has become a desolate, shambolic place. The days are drawing in, the temperatures are dropping, the prognosis is bleak. Escalator to Nowhere is our final stand against the terrible night, we care about people, we want to tell them that everything's alright, we want to make things better. So, we have to. We have to find a way…” So that’s what we did. Fueled by passion and an undying love for Tim, we got to work. And we’re happy to say, that after a period of furious head rubbing, our dense little skulls have worked up enough heat to spark a tiny ember, a glimmer of hope, a spark raging against the dwindling light. In essence, our bright idea is to just throw another crazy party with a load of art and some great music. But this time in LONDON. Welcome to the cutting edge. And we're very excited to be joined by... >>> Marlene Stark is a Berlin-based artist, producer, DJ, and writer. Needless to say, Marlene is a busy bee. So rather helpfully we’ve compiled a list of her day to day activities that may or may not help you find her, entitled “Where in the world is Marlene Stark?” >> WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MARLENE STARK? << - Perhaps she’s slaying her residency at Sameheads, Berlin; - She might be designing utopian experimental art installations; - It possible that she’s writing (with her debut novel ‘M’ co-authored with Anna Given, published in 2019 by Matthes und Seitz); - She’s also often playing on Cashmere Radio for her residency ‘SUPERPOSITION’; - Or maybe she’s producing her debut album dropping on Lustpoderosa in the near future. We don't know where she is right now, but thankfully we DO know she’s gonna be rockin’ and rollin’ in North London on the 13th December 2019. \/\/\/musicalspoilers\/\/\/ Marlene’s sets are "collages of industrial sounds, wave, percussive music, downtempo techno and her own recordings/scapes". Introducing LATCH We’ll be joined on the evening by a visual and multimedia arts collective close to our hearts and integral to our previous party. Latch will be coming in hot with their wide-ranging talent and disembodied eye for the unusual and will be curating a spatial installation in the venue alongside their decoration, projections, and other mood-altering structures that will adorn the secret sinful location. We’ll be opening the doors at 9pm and playing some early evening wonkery for the earlybirds to listen to whilst they dine on the ripened fruits of Latch’s artistic labour. HOUSEKEEPING: Escalator to Nowhere is a nonprofit party, all costings are formulated to break even with any profits to go back to the artist. Our aim is to create the best possible environment to enjoy the shared experience of dance music in interesting and welcoming spaces. To succeed in this aim, we ask that all participants are mindful of others. There will be zero tolerance of any behaviour that discriminates against or causes another person distress or discomfort, and we ask that anyone who experiences or witnesses such behaviour informs one of ourselves or a member of staff. Tickets via Resident Advisor. There will be no tickets on the door. Venue: North London, announced on the day.
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