Directory & T4T LUV NRG: Eris Drew & Octo Octa, Bored Lord, Gay Felony

  • Octo Octa & Eris Drew play exultant house and breakbeat rave that feels like an expression of love—for the music, the dancers and each other. Arrive early for a set from one of LA's hottest new techno talents, Bored Lord.
  • Where are you headed? Love feels infinite in our world... Eris Drew b2b Octo Octa Bored Lord Gay Felony A warm feeling on the dancefloor. Eris Drew & Octo Octa fly us into a gentle sunrise in Los Angeles once again, as we follow them into the joyful Motherbeat, terrain into luscious plains. You see only smiles around you; pure joy. Bored Lord concentrates your energy and commands your attention, flipping club and basement hits into something they were supposed to be already. You were meant to be here; tightly held hands. Gay Felony paints a melodic picture through old wax stories: disco and funk to move your whole body to, songs to sing along like it's your own story. You catch eyes and leave it at that; silent moments of pure understanding. Pure love, then the sun rises. 💙 Tickets ($12 — $20) — PRESALE ONLY ——— No marginalized dancers turned away for lack of funds 21+ TICKETS REQUIRED FOR ADDRESS Location will be sent out to ticket holders at 8pm night-of 🚹 READ CAREFULLY— if you don't agree with these terms, you need not attend. For pure celebration: ☁︎ wheelchair-accessible space ☁︎ accessible & gender-neutral portable bathrooms ☁︎ safety staff are present throughout the space wearing red LED lights ☁︎ free water available at the door all night 🛂 Directory puts non-white people, queer people, trans/non-binary people, underprivileged people, disabled people, and our trusted friends and regular attendees first. 1) Our parties are not just a safer space, but a party specifically for these people. 2) Please consider your context in our surroundings before attending, and be mindful of, respectful of, and comfortable with those around you. 🌀 Respect people's spaces on the dancefloor and off of it. 1) Please make space for dancers, movers, and marginalized bodies in the front. 2) Do not use pronouns when referring to others, unless you know their pronouns beforehand. Do not address people with gender-specific terms like "sir" or "ma'am." 3) No phones and flash, and please keep discussions to a minimum near the music. 🚹 Do not attend if you harass, hit on, assault, or fight others. We will remove you immediately if you engage in harassment, unwanted touching, unwanted persistent flirting, assault, or violence. 1) You will not be welcome back for any future parties if attendees have filed reports about you or if you have been ejected once. 2) If you have an incident with someone or feel uncomfortable, several security and staff members are present throughout the party. Please reach out to any of them or text the hotline at (213) 534-6066.
  • Directory & T4T LUV NRG: Eris Drew & Octo Octa, Bored Lord, Gay Felony - Flyer front