5 yrs of Bassiani

  • One of the most exciting phenomena in electronic music, as well as the scene’s most glaring symbol of freedom-loving counterculture, was born in the concrete swimming basin of an abandoned soviet stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia. The clubbing institution of Bassiani quickly outgrew local fame to bloom into a new international mekka for ravers. Alongside marathon parties, a mind-blowing sound system, and finely curated programming, they became known beyond the post-soviet region for their united resistance against political pressure. The resident crew are celebrating the fifth year of their movement with a birthday tour, and to our delight Budapest is one of the stations. Here is the opportunity to march together, to become a part of caucasian techno legend for a night. BASSIANI room: HVL (live) Zitto Route 8 b2b Soundbank Akos V Obwigszyh Horoom: Zurkin LAU (live) Pizza Amore Manek Klayman Further information soon… Designer Drums & mhmm production.
  • 5 yrs of Bassiani - Flyer front