Chemtrail Party Mix: Cyriak, DJ Gurl Power, Bongo and Furness, Monad

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    Cyriak, DJ Gurl Power, Bongo and Furness Present, Monad, Gocman, DJ Professor Climate Change, DJ Sanny Rags in the Bin Please, DJ Shitstomper, Bad Eror Lad, Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience
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  • So its been TWO years of tin foil hats,conspiracies and banging raves.we want to give back to all our CHEMCREW for always making sure our partys go off with a bang and a donk. Weve got an incredibly special lineup for you,not only is it our birthday,but weve got a rare one off booking guaranteed to please your eyes and ears,amongst a a heavy lineup of conspirical destroy your smart meter,purge yourself of nanofibers and get yer tin foil hat on and get ready for a nefarious night of biological condensation and hardcore party games.... CYRIAK We've got a world exclusive for yers. animator/musician Cyriak’s first ever live show will showcase his music alongside the animations that have been melting braincells for over a decade. Cyriak’s work has 1.4m subscribers on youtube, and has featured on Channel 4’s The IT Crowd, Netflix’s W/Bob and David. He's made music videos for Flying Lotus, Bonobo and Bloc Party, idents and stings for Channel 4 and Adult Swim, and has been featured on the front page of Wired magazine. DJ GURL POWER (Off Me Nut Records) Various shades of happy and/or melodic hardcore and/or soft-rock music. What happened to the bpm BONGO & FURNESS PRESENT (Bongo's Bingo) Johnny Bongo and DJ Furness from the global sensation that is BONGO'S BINGO bring their wild party vibes, dancers and confetti canons at the ready! MONAD The evolution from drummer/bass player to frantic, melodic breakcore genius is now complete….Monad’s sound is an orchestra of pounding beats, rumbling bass, drill & bass style and grinding synths that will whip your mind into a frenzy. GOCMAN breakcore and speedcore on vinyl by a metalhead DJ PROFESSOR CLIMATE CHANGE When he's not saving the world, DJ Professor Climate Change can often be found playing somewhere between berghain and the kaz garden DJ SANNY RAGS IN THE BIN PLEASE putting a banging sanny rag on it since '83! Top tunes from local power house DJ SHITSTOMPER silly hardcore,oh so hardcore,will play donks if your really nice to him BAD EROR LAD highly recognized as the only chemtrail resident that knows how to use CDJs,this bad lad puts the 'er' in eror, SIMON JONES CHILLOUT DONK EXPERIENCE the everexpanding empire,simon jones has his own currency,and there are literally people walking round with t shirts of his face on, also plays horrible endurance music with donks and lots of internet VISUALS BY PROJECTILE VOMIT IN TOILET ENTERTAINMENT BY BOG FM PLUS THE INTENSE EXPERIENCE CHAMBER™
  • Chemtrail Party Mix: Cyriak, DJ Gurl Power, Bongo and Furness, Monad  - Flyer front
    Chemtrail Party Mix: Cyriak, DJ Gurl Power, Bongo and Furness, Monad  - Flyer back