Canadian Hip Hop Showcase Vol. 2

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  • CANADIAN HIP HOP SHOWCASE VOL.2 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18TH IN THE CiRCA BALLROOM FEATURING: CHOCLAIR J DIGGZ BISHOP BRIGANTE VERSE & DJ SHAN HOSTED BY: JD ERA CiRCA BALLROOM 126 JOHN STREET TORONTO 416.979.0044 BOTTLE SERVICE: [email protected] [email protected] TWITTER: CiRCAToronto CHOCLAIR BIO : Choclair is a foundational hip hop artist from the streets of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Starting at the age of 11, Kareem Choclair Blake followed in his older brothers footsteps, who at the time was the hottest rapper on the block. This was the bar for Choclair. Choclairs first release, Twenty-One Years, was released in December of 1995 on his independently owned record label, Kneedeep Records. He was quickly embraced worldwide, establishing him as a standout rapper in the burgeoning Canadian hip hop scene. Five other independently owned records from Choclair were featured around the globe on prestigious hip hop compilations. In June of 1998, after having released 11 records (including the first international releases for Saukrates, Kardinal, Jully Black, Solitair, Marvel, Tara Chase and many other of Torontos finest), achieving a Gold Record with the Rascalz on Canadas hip hop anthem, Northern Touch, receiving 2 Juno awards and a Much Music Award, Choclair then decided to expand his team and join forces with Virgin Music. My time with Virgin Music was great. Choclair released 2 full length albums with Virgin Music. Where Choclair went Gold in 35 days, reached number one on the charts, and had countless other singles placed high on the charts. With this Choclair became an icon in the music industry, and had people reciting his lyrics from front to back. Understanding the workings of the music industry enabled Choclair to Collaborate with some of the worlds best artist such as, Kurupt, Guru, Memphis Bleek, Rahzal, Mix Master Mike, Tha Liks, Ol Dirty Bastard, Xzibit, De La Soul, Dawn Robinson, Beenie Man and many others. These collaborations garnered him the respect of the international hip hop community and paved the way for more Junos and more Much Music Awards. In 2003 armed with his many Junos, Much Music Awards, Gold Records, collaborations and newfound knowledge of how the business works, Choclair left Virgin to restart his new independently owned Label Greenhouse Music. With this latest endeavor Choclair released his first independent album Flagrant, where he again had songs on the charts, had Source Award nominations for best International Artist, and yet again brought home another Juno award This experience has been a great ride and now I am ready to take it for the whole world to see. 2006 Choclair now with his business, Suave Dawg Entertainment a new studio, The Chocolate Factory, and a partnership in the first hip hop radio station in Winnipeg (Flava 107.9), Choclair is poised to release his fifth and most powerful album to date Flagship. Fueled by the hunger of some of Canadas newest and hottest producers and keeping with the already known to be hot producers such as, Saukrates, Solitair and Kardinal, and now expanding across borders to the U.S. Choclairs Flagship album is already being named as the album that will finally POP the bubbling Canadian Market and then give any doubting artist from north of the border the confidence that it is not impossible to make it from here. JDIGGZ BIO: In 2004, teen girls fell for love interest JDIGGZ, in Canadian pop star Keshia Chante's music videos: "Bad Boy" & "Does He Love Me". Born & raised, Jonathan Matthew Poirier, JDIGGZ is the music industry's breath of fresh air. Indeed, any rapper/vocalist can put together a catchy hook and spit 12 or 16 bars of regurgitated nonsense, but it takes real finesse, swagger and style to construct a new sound in music. With his well received LP "MEMOIRS OF A PLAYBWOY", JDIGGZ introduced Canada to his suave hypnotic flow. Joining the ranks of North America's brightest young stars: N*E*R*D*, Santigold and Drake, this Toronto native began his musical curiosity at the tender age of 7... "I grew up in a family where musical ability was a foreign tongue, so it was odd that my brother & I, had an ear for music" DIGGZ says. Producing his own beats by 10, DIGGZ's knack for everything musical has been remarkable since he could reach the mixing board. Years later, DIGGZ and older brother SCOTCH BUTTA went on to form a production team called Starbwoyz Music. They have produced several CHR Top 40 records for local artists such as: Melanie Durrant, Nate Skeeze, etc, as well as producing the music for one of the BIGGEST viral YOUTUBE ad's to date... the infamous SMIRNOFF Raw Tea commercial in the U.S. for super agency BBH Inc. Many of JDIGGZ's family members state that J is a "true child of god". Before birth, his mother was told that due to her physical health, young DIGGZ might be a still-born... and it also could mean the end of his mothers' life as well. "The doctors told me that we would both die if I went through with J's birth, but being the religious god-fearing person I am, I had to leave it in god's hands" says Jocelyn (his mother). "So I fought them, and went ahead with the pregnancy, and I thank god everyday for my son". If that wasn't enough... 7 months after the miracle birth, his mother, father, & baby J were in a severe car accident, being trapped under a tractor-trailer that had fell from an overpass above. "Both his father & I suffered head injuries, as well many other serious issues.. but for some reason, J was un-touched! Left the car with only a scratch!, and that's how I know he is truly here for a reason!" says Jocelyn. Highly respected Toronto producer Rahmel discovered DIGGZ through a mutual friend. JDIGGZ's seductive song "Hypnotic" caught the attention of Rahmel and in-demand video director LIL x (Nelly Furtado, John Mayor, Usher, Sean Paul, etc). This controversial club banger went on to catch the ears of many, and became the underground liquor anthem of Toronto at the time. At the top of 2005, JDIGGZ's popularity was raised to new heights. DIGGZ was asked to perform with some of the biggest names in the urban world, which included J Records recording artist MARIO ("Let Me Love You") at the iconic Kool Haus in Toronto. As a result of his unforeseen HIGH ENERGY performance, DIGGZ was recruited to be a support act for Aftermath/G-Unit recording artist THE GAME for his National Canadian Tour (18 Cities). After a successful tour, DIGGZ started preparing for his first music video. "PUUSH IT UP" was the epitome of raw energy and hip-hop with dancehall vibes. International video director, LIL x created the ultimate visual masterpiece for this contagious party record. The smash video became a dance phenomenon & one of Much Music's top streamed videos, as well as record holder for most request in first month (of Launch), on all request video station PUNCH MUCH. This sexy irresistible club track created a frenzy on the dance floor!!!! Another infectious recorded entitled "Make It Hot" demonstrated the confidence and versatility of the PLAYBWOY. The rhythm exudes sexiness and raw energy. STARBWOYZ Music continues to create sounds that come from their musical souls & environment. The independent release of "MEMOIRS OF A PLAYBWOY" definitely struck a cord with young listeners, & and music fans of all ages. So be sure to stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears open for this newcomer!! The multi-talented JDIGGZ will soon re-introduce his innovative sound to the music world!!!! BISHOP BRIGANTE BIO: Hailing from the streets of Scarborough's notorious Section 6, Bishop is Canadian hip-hop's fastest and most refreshing rising star yet in no way is Bishop a rookie to the game or even a new comer. After gaining street credibility as a fierce emcee across Toronto in the mid 1990s, Bishop's big break came in 1998 on DJ X's seminal CKLN radio show, the Powermove. Premiering his freestyling skills on the show's weekly phone-in competition, Eat The Beat, Bishop immediately took his rightful place in the champion's seat but this wasn't just a one-time win. Week after week he defeated caller after caller, holding the reins for an entire summer and firmly establishing himself as one of Toronto's deadliest freestyle emcees. It's a title he's since then defended at live battles and contests across the city, earning him the respect and attention needed to jump from the stage to the screen and to the studio. Known for his charismatic presence and delivery, Bishop was quickly recruited for a cameo role in the CBC urban drama series Drop The Beat where he played the trouble-making friend of lead actors Mark Taylor and Merwin Mondessir. Recognized for his on-screen presence, he then landed a brief supporting role in the feature film NARC opposite Ray Liotta, Jason Patric, and Busta Rhymes which premiers December 20, 2002. But music is Bishop's main game and his unrivalled freestyle skills quickly found him working studios across the city. His first two releases, "Kipling 2 Kennedy" and "Strange To The Eye" were featured on the Rap Essentials compilation and got regular play on FLOW 93.5 and local community radio stations CKLN 88.1 and CIUT 89.5. This was followed by a series of guest appearances on Choclair's Memoirs of Blake Savage CD, including the collaboration on the track "When I'm High." Following the release of the Canadian hip hop icon's second album, Bishop took his battle skills nation wide on the One Night Stand Tour across Canada with Choclair, Baby Blue Soundcrew, and Harpoon Missile. Looking to step beyond the shadows of supporting roles, Bishop then made Canadian hip hop history to become the first local emcee to drop his lyrics on Freestyle Fridays, BET's weekly showdown on the hugely popular 106 & Park show. Winning the clash three weeks in a row not only proved his skills to the hometown audience but also created a major buzz across the border where producers and major labels all took notice. Also note, Bishop did not lose the champions chair on the show but instead was unduly disqualified for uttering the word "ish" in replacement of an expletive. In response, Bishop is scheduled for a series of releases that will unequivocally demonstrate his ranking in the national hip hop scene. Due to the constant requests for unreleased tracks, The Best of Bishop Freestyles will be independently released as a mixed CD and will feature favorites like "BET Robbery" over a dub of Eminem's "Without Me" Working with local producer Scam of Time Bandits Music, the new single "That's The Way" is already receiving rotation on KISS 92.5, FLOW 93.5 and CKLN 88.1 while "It's Perfect" (on a dub of Missy Elliot's Work It rhythm) is set to rock clubs over the winter. Recently he was a guest on the TSN broadcast of Off The Record with Michael Landsberg, Bishop has also appeared twice on Canada AM as well as in the pages of magazines like Peace, Pound, and It's Your Time. Striving to accomplish his many goals as a performer, Bishop, while aiming for the sky says, "I will always move forward in the fashion I came. I make power moves. Checkmate, your go!" VERSE BIO: There is a movement taking place in Toronto that has been gaining momentum. Its is the resurgence of the urban culture returning to its roots and VERSE is one of the brightest stars making his mark today. Known for rewind worthy lyrics and the ability to place strong necessary messages in commercially relevant songs, VERSE has been prolific and thought provoking without being stigmatized as a backpacker or a conscious rapper. VERSE has become a triple threat heading his own nationally distributed record label, LIFE Records Entertainment Group, representing the roster as one of it's premiere artists, while starring in his own up and coming online TV show Lavish LIFE TV. Verse is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with as much in the boardroom as he is on the MIC. With his first commercially powered album titled HEART OF THE CITY releasing nationally in the third quarter and two critically acclaimed albums already on his resume, Verse is well on his way to making one of his lyrics your favourite verse.
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