¡miércoles! / Stéphanie Janaina & Nicolás Jaar

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    Stéphanie Janaina & Nicolás Jaar
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  • Movement and sound will come together during a live performance of ¡miércoles! at Het HEM. Nicolas Jaar has invited dancer & choreographer Stéphanie Janaina for a performance in the exhibition space on November 2. Together Stéphanie Janaina & Nicolás Jaar form the improvisational group ¡miércoles!. All the movements and sounds that happen during a ¡miércoles! Performance are improvised. Everything is created in the space, nothing is played back or prepared. The improvisational pieces performed by ¡miércoles! are about three hours long. During the performance the public can move around freely. Would you like to visit the exhibition in addition to the concert? Buy an entry ticket for the Chapter and reserve a timeslot for Incomprehensible Sun online via http://bit.ly/TicketsChapter2WO You can reach us by ferry, bike, bus or by car. http://bit.ly/RouteHetHEM
  • ¡miércoles! / Stéphanie Janaina & Nicolás Jaar - Flyer front