Microtones: Haruka, Kamal Naeem, otodojo

  • In recent years Haruka has established himself at the forefront of Japan’s next generation of techno DJs. Since moving to Tokyo at the age of 26, he has honed his skills as a DJ through becoming a resident DJ and co-organizer of DJ Nobu’s infamous Future Terror parties. He has played throughout Japan, including appearances at most of the major clubs in Tokyo – such as Unit, Contact, Dommune – as well as at the Fuji Rock and Rural festivals. Haruka has distinguished himself through his versatility as a DJ, with the ability to play carefully crafted opening sets, driving and powerful techno in peak time slots, as well as after hours sessions or more experimental explorations. These skills have also been displayed on mixes for the Juno Plus and Clubberia podcast series. In addition to his DJing, Haruka is half of Twin Peaks, an improvisational live/ DJ hybrid act he does with DJ Yazi. He has been expanding his reach to other Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam in recent years, while 2017 saw his advancement to European scene billed for London’s Oval Space alongside DJ Nobu, Berlin’s infamous gay nights Herrensauna and Buttons, and having featured on RA Podcast. Haruka 一 Future Terror, Butter Sessions | Berlin, DE / Tokyo, JP 一 https://soundcloud.com/haruka_ft Kamal Naeem 一 Blank Slate Records | Berlin, DE 一 https://soundcloud.com/kamalnaeem otodojo 一 Acid Camp, Microtones | Ithaca, NY 一 https://soundcloud.com/otodojo
  • Microtones: Haruka, Kamal Naeem, otodojo - Flyer front