Microtones: Kiernan Laveaux, Davis Galvin, Playhouse90

  • We're excited to welcome two midwestern artists who we've had our ears on for quite some time: "Kiernan Laveaux is a transfeminine conduit from Cleveland, Ohio. Originating as one of the driving forces behind In Training, a long running queer event series founded in Cleveland in 2014, she has made a name for herself through her DJ sets and bookings that characterize and reflect the rustbelt environment she was birthed from. Inspired by her peers, the experimentalism and joy found within midwestern electronic music, and the forces that gifted her the name Kiernan Laveaux, she's since embarked on a lifelong journey of exploring rhythms and communicating through the motherbeat. She now exists only to channel warmth and understanding to dancers of open mind and spirit everywhere." "If you're into newer strains of American dance music, chances are you've heard the name Davis Galvin. The Pittsburgh producer embodies an exciting musical style currently coming out of the Midwest, a sound that blends American house and techno with influences from garage and modern UK bass music. (See the In Training DJs and the Is / Was label.) Galvin's new EP covers so much ground it could be an album, packed with jittery rhythms and uplifting melodies that tickle the ear in unexpected ways." - Andrew Ryce, Resident Advisor Kiernan Laveaux 一 In Training, Motherbeat | Pittsburgh, PA 一 https://soundcloud.com/kiernan-laveaux Davis Galvin 一 Firm Tracks, Vanity Press, | Pittsburgh, PA 一 https://soundcloud.com/davisgalvin Resident support from playhouse90 一 http://www.playhouseninety.com/ Doors open at 7:30 PM, music starts at 8:00 PM. 21+ $5 Hard Tickets: Available at Angry Mom Records (115 E State St). $10-15 Sliding Scale at the booth. There will be Guatemalan / Soul Food food served all night by Leon and Alma. We have no tolerance for harassment, unwanted touching, or anything that compromises the safety of the space. Please thoroughly read our rules before entering.
  • Microtones: Kiernan Laveaux, Davis Galvin, Playhouse90 - Flyer front