Killekill Megablank with Legowelt & Gesloten Cirkel

  • Killekill is gathering their freaky family and friends for another legendary Killekill Megablank. On the main floor two electro legends are presenting their sound. Legowelt once self-explained his music as "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack.“ This would also work as a description of Gesloten Cirkel's sound, although that’s even darker, more dystopian and more Lo-fI, too. Combining element of these two outstanding artists is that their music does, what music is actually supposed to do: create real emotion and make you feel alive again. The rest of the line up is pure bliss, too: Appleblim teams up with his mate Second Storey, with whom he released on R&S as ALSO, as you might know. Expect an eclectic journey circling bass music including a lot of fun and potentially even some rewinds. Then there are our residents Purita D, DJ Flush, our newcomer Best Boy Electric from Hamburg, our dear friend Feelaz from Poznan plus a whole carefully selected bunch of people, who are not even trying to jump on the train wagon of becoming DJs. As music lovers in the best sense Pancha, V I R, Ana en Pecado and TTZ will present a daring mix of R&B, weirdo drugged out UK hip hop, noisy electro, 80s Wave and Synth Pop on the tent floor. See you on the dance floor!
  • Killekill Megablank with Legowelt & Gesloten Cirkel - Flyer front