Music Reactions x Noćne More / Broken English Club, Filmmaker

  • "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." - Edgar Allan Poe On December 14th Music Reactions will join forces with Noćne More to bring yet another mayhem to Drugstore Beograd! Their guests will be Broken English Club and Filmmaker, both artists bringing their A game live acts to town. Broken English Club aka oliver ho - His more recent avant techno material is confirmation of ability to inject a dark narrative into functional electronics. With Broken English Club, he delivers monotone vocals and shards of live instrumentation over stuttering beats and bleak synths. The blank-stared, pin-point-focused electronics and layers of noise betray no/wave and post punk influences, dragging together industrial experimentation and pitch-black techno. Filmmaker - Is a raw synth-punk project of the Colombian producer Faunes Efes, who is now visiting Europe for the first time. Proof of that he's such a productive producer are his 12 albums. His leftfield approach to dark rave electronics is entangled with classic synth and new wave beats, making his sound as trendy as it is timeless. He is doing a live set in the Dark Room of Drugstore, inviting ancient spirits of electronic body music to re-define dance for us Europeans. We heard that next to cocaine, Filmmaker is the best quality export good from Latin America.
  • Music Reactions x Noćne More / Broken English Club, Filmmaker - Flyer front