Spinoff Gabber: Rob Gee, VTSS B2B Randomer

  • Venue
    TBA - New York
    • To Be Announced, New York
  • Date
    Sat, 16 Nov 2019
    23:59 - 07:00
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  • Attending
    • 445
  • 🚨**RAVE ALARM**🚨 Beware!! Another searing edition of SPINOFF GABBER invades Brooklyn on November 16th! No mellow, zero chill. If you soft, GET LOST! As you might know, SPINOFF GABBER is an experimental queer gabber party, live and direct from the twisted minds of the Unter collective. SPINOFF GABBER explores the harder, faster, and more extreme fringes of communal dance music appreciation with programming that connects and extends some of the major dots in the history of hardcore rave music. Basically, it’s time *yet again* for a fresh injection of hardcore, speedcore, gabber & terror, kids! And this time, we’ve invited one of the legends who helped define the hardcore soundscape as we’ve come to know and love it: Jersey’s own ROB GEE. Back in 1994, Mister Gee blew everyone’s minds with one seminal track that irreverently mixed hardcore and heavy metal, with a zero-fucks, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor to boot. Behold, “Gabber Up Your A$$” !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNjR4LBwj-4. Rounding the bill will be the U.S. debut of BODY SUSHI (aka Unter alums Randomer and VTSS in b2b format) bookended by sets from Brooklyn hardcore experimenter SHYBOI and SPINOFF GABBER resident NICK BAZZANO. “To be a gabber you don't need to have your head shaved. It can also be someone with hair!” -Ancient Proverb NEW WAREHOUSE // NEW RULES: Due to the senseless / reckless shutdown of the last Unter by the police, we’re establishing new rules that should help prevent further shutdowns. We are basing these rules on the fact that underground parties in Brooklyn are once again being targeted, which means we all must exercise extreme consideration and develop practices to keep each other safe and raving. With that firmly in mind: >>> To avoid messy situations on the street, there will be no free re-entry; you can leave if you want to, but you'll have to pay again to get back in. >>> Announcement of venue address will come in the form of an email—on the night of the show—as late as possible; keep your eyes peeled for it! >>> Underground raving comes with risk of shut-downs; in light of this, refunds will not be possible. Don’t forget: your support is the lifeblood of the rave. Let’s work together to stay safe and pork-free 🛑🐷 The Line-Up: Rob Gee (Thunderdome) Body Sushi (Randomer b2b VTSS) SHYBOI (Discwoman) Nick Bazzano (Spinoff Gabber) Hosted by: Melting Point, Synergy Industries Sound by subBASS Sound System, lighting by Kip Davis Poster by Jacque Beas Saturday, November 16th, 11:59PM–??? Warehouse location TBA Coat- and item-check ($3) and a full bar will be provided. SPINOFF GABBER General rules: ■ No cellphones are allowed on the dance floor! ■ We seek to create and maintain a safe and diverse space where consent and respect are our first priorities. ■ Do not willfully damage or compromise the space or its guests or employees in any manner. ■ Harassment of any kind (unwanted contact, verbal or physical abuse, racism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, misogyny, etc.) will NOT be tolerated and will lead to immediate discharge from the venue: this includes any sort of harassment or aggression both inside and outside the space. ■ Anyone seen in possession, using, or aiding in use of GBL or GHB, a potentially deadly chemical, will be swiftly escorted out, and henceforth barred for life from all future events. ■ For these reasons, a ticket does not guarantee entry, and will be voided if you are to be found in violation of any of these regulations or our community's collective ethics, which you can read up on here: https://bit.ly/2O1Teav.
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