The Lot Radio presents: Arp, Ana Roxanne, Yale Evelev, CZ Wang

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    Arp (Mexican Summer - Record Release Show) Ana Roxanne (LA/ Leaving Records) DJ sets by Yale Evelev (Luaka Bop) & CZ Wang (Mood Hut)
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  • We are thrilled to be bringing our live programming to National Sawdust, a state-of-the-art music venue with equally exciting and exceptional acoustics For this concert expect live performances by Arp's 5-piece ensemble & Ana Roxanne, who will be flying in from LA specially for this occasion to deliver a solo performance. Yale Evelev of Luaka Bop will start the evening with a DJ set and will set the mood between acts. CZ Wang will keep us grooving on the dancefloor after the concerts and until the night is over. 7pm Yale Evelev (dj) 8pm Ana Roxanne (live) 9pm Arp (live) 10pm CZ Wang (dj) About the artists: Arp is one of many aliases artist/producer/DJ Alexis Georgopoulos. Equally interested in experimental composition and the more esoteric side of Pop, his work explores the connections between musics of East and West, North and South — without ever fully committing to one over the other. Ana Roxanne is an intersex Southeast Asian musician based in Los Angeles. Born & raised in the Bay Area to immigrant parents, Ana's love for singing began through her mother's CD collection of 80's/90's R&B divas. Raised in the Catholic church, she became a devoted choral singer, which led her to a brief stint at a small jazz & classical program in the cornfields of the midwest. During these years she toured to beautiful old cathedrals in nearby cities and became enamored with the sacredness of choral music and the enveloping sound of harmony. A near death experience, too, served as a connection between music & spirituality, and music as a healing art after facing tragedy Yale Evelev is the president of Luaka Bop Records. Luaka Bop was founded by David Byrne who in 1990 hired Evelev to run the label. Under Evelev, Luaka Bop has been in the forefront of issuing new and overlooked vintage African music, indigenous Latin music, and other World musics
  • The Lot Radio presents: Arp, Ana Roxanne, Yale Evelev, CZ Wang - Flyer front