Motherchip Connexion: Scorched Earth EP Launch Party

  • Motherchip Connexion presents: SCORCHED EARTH EP LAUNCH PARTY Join us to celebrate the launch of The Subdermic's latest EP with a night of hard hitting electro and techno. The Subdermic For those who have been paying attention over the last 10 years it will come as no surprise that The Subdermic’s new release sees her pushing things forward once again. Not in the least bit interested in trends, reinventing other people’s material or even recycling her own successful tracks – The Subdermic is focused on capturing that special blend of joy, fear, wonder, freedom, and rebellion only the best dancefloors spark in people. Deep at times, hard often, political and frustrated, and always seeking to evolve her sound and your experience – ‘Scorched Earth’ is the culmination of boundless passion for the craft of making good authentic Techno, respecting its roots and fully embracing the idea that this music is also an attitude and a vehicle for constantly moving forward Support on the night from Purplehands, SP-101 and Nullptr.
  • Motherchip Connexion: Scorched Earth EP Launch Party - Flyer front