Three Wheel Drive Party 3 with RAMZi

  • 3WD is very excited to be throwing another London party, this time with RAMZi, No Frills, Mandy, and 3WD's own TomTom. We head to the wonderful Rye Wax basement for an energising dance. Not much needs to be said about RAMZi / DJ FATi, she has been a huge inspiration to the festival for years, and following her performances at the festival this summer we couldn't wait to do something again together soon. If you know, you know. No Frills are a duo based in London and Berlin. With various online guest mixes, sporadic shows on NTS as well as appearances at venues like :// about blank or Giant Steps, they have been progressively carving out their own sound - somewhere between 85 and 135 BPM. 22.00 - 05.00
  • Three Wheel Drive Party 3 with RAMZi - Flyer front