Resolute Goes Montreal - Why So Serious Halloween Edition

  • RSVP FOR LOCATION: [email protected] Next Friday, ReSolute Goes Montreal again! This time we bring you one of the most highly anticipated events in New York for Halloween, Why So Serious ?! This event has seen our family and the powers of the underbelly of the dance community come together in such a momentous way. Now we’re ready to bring the show to our Montreal friends with some Canadian and Brooklyn class acts! There are not many artists who manage to define a particular era in music, and there are even fewer who know how to evolve beyond such achievements and find other creative paths down which to travel. Marc Leclair’s Akufen Horror Inc. project is synonymous with meticulous sampling sensibilities paired to flamboyant four-on-the-floor glitch funk for both highbrowed audiophiles and those who instinctively understand groove. Forever with his thumb cocked looking for the next creative thrill ride as the sun goes down, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont’s music lends itself to the indigo hue of dusk, imbued with the sultry allure of jazz and the unquestioned groove of house. Montreal-based Ohm Hourani will be back in charge for another ReSolute affair. His vinyl-exclusive label ANOMA is dedicated to the distribution of distinctive, minimalistic sounds kissed with a jazzy flair. Expect a DJ set with those similar characteristics from the local rising talent!
 Alongside Ohm we have another local underground talent - MightyKat! Born with a sixth sense for rhythm, she’s a key player on the international scene while continuing to organize and promote local events. Last, but of course not least - our golden boy O.BEE who will be fresh out of Brooklyn’s Why So Serious ?! and straight to Montreal teeming with the spirit of Halloween, ready to bring it to our beloved Montrealers! Don’t forget to RSVP for location!
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