• Venue
    • 6A S Lambeth Pl; Vauxhall; London SW8 1SP; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Sat, 19 Dec 200910.30pm –
  • Attending
    • 2
  • Nextbeat Lightbox, London 12/12/2009 10.30pm – You know that feeling when you're rocking out to your favorite DJ? When the room is going bananas for that little spec way up there behind the booth? Well Club Natural wants to show you a little something that people are calling – THE NEXTBEAT! It’s the creative DJs answer to melodic socialism, where the concrete wall of, ‘me and them’ is crumbled. It’s a piece of equipment that paths the way for a more democratic dance floor! A dance floor where ‘me and them’ infuses into a melee of ‘us’. It’s the device that allows the DJ to literally walk out of the booth and have it with you! Parties from Paris to Milan have witnessed the NEXTBEAT in creative electronic performance and now, it’s London’s turn to hold hands with the talent as Club Natural throws an exclusive one off, for the whizz kids in Paris who have conjured up the NEXTBEAT! GETTING IN ON THE NEXT BEAT!! PETE GOODING - DJ RLP - KIKO NAVARRO - WILLIAMS & DU BOIS - ANDERSON - SIMPLY GETTING IN This is a strictly pay on the door only event: £5 with advanced G-List @ [email protected] MOTD without G-list If industry members would like to come and see the NEXTBEAT product launch please send us an email for the concessions list.
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