Sēkwens with Agents Of Time (Live) and Tundra A\V Performance

  • Important information about the event. The doors will open at 10 PM, and NOMAD A\V performance by Tundra will start at 11 PM. Please note that there will be NO ENTRY during their performance: 11 PM - 11:45 PM. Please plan your travels accordingly. There will be entry allowed after 11:45 until 1 AM, but we strongly encourage you to arrive before 11 PM to enjoy the whole experience. Set times: 22:00 // Doors open 23:00 - 23:45 Tundra // [Nomad A\V Performance] 23:45 - 01:15 // Agents Of Time [Live] X Mhmdrza Tazari [Visual] 01:15 - 03:00 // Yacine Dessouki [DJ set] 03:00 - 05:00 // Agents Of Time [DJ set] --- sēkwens is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to exploring the deep connection and integration of light, sound, space and motion through music, new media installations and digital art. --- Line up: Music // Agents Of Time [Live and DJ Set] Yacine Desouki [DJ Set] Installation // Tundra [A\V Performance] Mhmdrza Tazari [Visual] The order of performance: Tundra [Nomad A\V Performance] Agents Of Time [Live] X Mhmdrza Tazari [Visual] Yacine Dessouki [DJ set] Agents Of Time [DJ set] --- NOMAD By Tundra: Laser and projection mapping generative audio visual live performance. Inspired by the concept of digital nomads of 21st-century TUNDRA team delivers their first live performance based on various pieces and algorithms from their previous highly acclaimed audio-visual installations premiered across the globe from USA to China. NOMAD brings the polar atmosphere of different TUNDRA site-specific installations into a randomly changing sequence of visual themes and patterns triggered by live-performed sound. With their work, they trying to swim against the tide of common misconception that perceives art made with sophisticated digital technologies closer to the entertainment industry rather than to the discourse on contemporary art. In NOMAD they follow in the footsteps of the pioneers of electronic art who in the 1960s used rudimental analogue and digital equipment to prove their audiences that the new media were oriented towards action, rather than contemplation. Artists themselves play the role of digital nomads being able to perform this piece everywhere but from the other hand-tied to the specific venue where they transform its unique atmosphere into one sensory experience that has to be felt. --- Venue: Aures is Europe's first fully-immersive digital art space with a heady mix of urban graffiti culture and futuristic immersive technology. --- RSVN: Email [email protected] or message us on 07718088868.
  • Sēkwens with Agents Of Time (Live) and Tundra A\V Performance - Flyer front
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