SEQUENCE.717_ VTSS, Rachel Noon

  • Coming from two of the most trusted New York-based projects, Unter's Rachel Noon and Discwoman's Juana are an iconic link-up. Expect driving techno and shadowy rave sounds from this crew.
  • SEQUENCE.717 - Friday, 15 November 2019 / 10:00PM - 6:00AM Washington, DC TBA. Location address will be sent on the day of the event with ticket purchase and/or by RSVP RSVP here: PROGRAM: Room 1_Main VTSS (Repitch, Discwoman, Monnom Black / Poland) Rachel Noon (Large Marge, Unter / NYC) Gabberbitch69 (140+ / DC) Furtive Room 2_Isolated Paradise Rush Plus (Metro Xpress, ROAM / DC) Tsurugi (Cipher / DC) Juana (SEQUENCE, Discwoman / DC) Sound by Grand Ancestor __________________________________ SEQUENCE dives full tilt into its fourth year of programming with a high-powered, two-room blowout in DC, bringing a thorough beat-down from “Polish techno vanguardist” VTSS and Unter’s Rachel Noon alongside an ambient reprieve titled Isolated Paradise. As the warm memories of SEQUENCE’s late-summer triumphs (celebrating 3 years of parties, an ambitious multi-promoter effort at a 24-hour party) fade and give way to ever-lengthening night, your favorite DC techno crew has been plotting how best to shake you out of your autumnal slumber. The electrifying VTSS is the right woman for the task, bringing high-voltage rave energy to any dancefloor she strikes. With a certifiably fresh flow, VTSS draws on the raw and hard-edged sides of techno to jolt audiences into a frenzy, leaning on vicious acid, rolling EBM, and flexing hardcore in her bare-knuckle sets. Furiously on the rise, VTSS has been storming venerated clubs world-wide, and crushing various festivals like Unsound, Berlin Atonal (alongside collaborator Varg), Katharsis, as well as rinsing acerbic sets on Boiler Room broadcasts. VTSS’ meteoric ascent from her forward-thinking home-base at the Brutaz parties in her native Warsaw to techno stardom has landed her on Discwoman’s highly respected roster. Right behind the ascendant Polish star is New York City luminary Rachel Noon. A veritable sonic chameleon, Rachel Noon can twist ravers’ minds with everything from tantalizing tickles of cerebral ambient to shaved-noggin freakouts of gabber insanity. A studied rave supplicant and product of the storied, complex New York City underground, Rachel Noon pours her passion back into the scene that raised her as a key collaborator of the notorious Unter parties and the queer Large Marge event series. Her flow is impeccable, her selection is sharp. It’s unmistakably clear: you’re in for a transformative, punishing ride. Bringing the local ruckus is the rambunctious Gabberbitch69. Gabberbitch69 has been causing a stir with her brash, playful, eclectic sets, ripped at high tempos and even higher energy everywhere from desert raves under decommissioned bridges to the fog-filled dining rooms of local Eritrean restaurants (a genuine staple of the DC underground…). Together with DJ Land Reform, Gabberbitch69 is pulling new faces onto lineups and new booties onto dancefloors with the fresh and cheeky local event series 140+. We’re thrilled to have Gabberbitch69 make her SEQUENCE debut at this electric affair. Need a breather? Saunter up the stairs from the raging main floor and lay down by the oasis of Isolated Paradise. SEQUENCE’s ambient project is conjuring a gentle and restorative space for weary ravers, with an effervescent lineup of locals. Local DC heroes Rush Plus will re-tool and slow down from their typical faster-than-life break-neck funk and deliver a time-dilating sonic adventure sure to leave you with temporal confusion. Tsurugi will make a return to a SEQUENCE lineup with ethereal textures and moods. SEQUENCE’s in-house superstar Juana will bring unexpected scintillations to the gentle oasis waters by stirring in glimmering ambient, sure to leave you lost in the moment. __________________________________ Absolutely zero tolerance for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, unsolicited touching, leering, or any other oppressive behavior. Offenders will be dealt with immediately. 21+ with valid government-issued ID. Questions/Info - Email to [email protected]
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