Luna Fringe

  • Venue
    Luna Lounge
    • 7 Church Lane; Leytonstone; London E11 1HG; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Thu, 28 Jan 20108.00 pm - 10.45pm
  • Promoter
    Noel Taylor
  • Attending
  • ̸


    'Barrel' Alison Blunt (violin/voice) Ivor Kallin (violin/voice) Hannah Marshall (cello/voice) plus Video Art from Miranda Pennell plus 'Astrakan' 'Astrakan' Michael Garcia (keyboard) Raymond Hardy (saxes) Jerry Wigens (guitar) Paul Whelpton (bass) Dave Fowler (drums)
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  • The ‘Luna Fringe’ is returning to the Luna Lounge in Leytonstone with a brand new season and sporting a new-look. The evenings will be made up of a much broader and eclectic mix. Filmmaker Ian Bourn will curate a season of work by UK Video Artists that will occupy the middle set. The music will continue to feature experimental and improvised musicians, but it may also from time to time present bands that are just a little bit off-centre, quirky singer song writers, performances of written contemporary music - anything that is a little unusual.