Madam X, DJ Richard, Shy Eyez Plus Spiritual Mental Physical

  • The Manchester-born DJ and label head is now a promising face on the London scene, known for her simmering configurations of shadowy bass and techno.
  • DJ, label head and club impresario Madam X has proved she has many strings to her bow. A constant and moreover, crucial, fixture in Manchester’s underground clubbing scene, her intimate knowledge of the city – both as a scene and a place brimming with talented artists – quickly began to prove dividends after first breaking through in 2011. From co-founding label and Manchester club night BPM, short for ‘Big People Music’, in 2011 to showcase how much the city had to offer, she soon built a reputation for her surefire, upfront DJ Mixes combining everything current and bubbling; grime, techno, bass, garage – you name it, Madam X would mix it. It was this reputation that paved the way for a series of BBC 1Xtra residency slots while still in Manchester – covering for Diplo on BBC Radio 1 and hosting a series of shows, it’s a combination of hard work and crucially, patience, that have really started to pay off over the last two years. Madam X makes her Good Room debut on 11.22 and she will be joined by DJ Richard and Shy Eyez. SPIRITUAL MENTAL PHYSICAL returns to the Bad Room for their 11th party of 2019. Due to overwhelming demand throughout the year SMP Founder, The Duchess, will be playing this edition from open to close.Born out of a pressing need to make sure that the most deserving talent in The Game get theirs, Spiritual Mental Physical was established by The Duchess as a monthly function in 2017. It strives to serve the three critical aspects of a pivotal nightlife experience: Music to move you, a Message to soothe you, and Memories to treasure. It exists simply in service to The Guest. It is multi-format, multi-genre, high quality audio focussed, and presents only the finest, most uncompromising talent from the four corners of the earth. You will hear DJs and live performers throw down with abandon here. You will see Legends and Locals tackle unlikely time slots with relish, and play in harmony alongside each other. Everyone is given their proper time and space. Worlds collide. Photography by @ 93Din +21 *d&b audiotechnik supplied by Oxygen Eventworks* **Good Room is a safe space for all people. We do not accept racism, homophobia or discrimination in any form. If you are being harassed, please tell a bartender, staff member or security guard.** ***No entry or re-entry after 4am***
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