Theo Parrish All Night Long

  • The Sound Signature icon comes to E1 for a night of the smoothest, soulful selections.
  • Warehouse Theo Parrish All Night Long Black Studio - Theo Parrish Curates Deon Jamar Thomas Xu Words such as iconic and renowned are discussed somewhat regularly in the dance music sphere. DJs regularly come and go, but those who have defined a genre over multiple decades are rightfully remembered. On the 25th of January, we welcome the return of one such icon with open arms. The man in question is Theo Parrish. One of Chicago’s finest exponents, and a previous debutant at our London home, Theo will be performing all night long in our Warehouse. The Sound Signature frontman will also curate the lineup in our Black Studio, bringing Deon Jamar and Thomas Xu to debut in our space. As label head of Sound Signature, Theo Parrish has helped mould and define the electronic music soundscape for over twenty years. Since 1997 the house music canon has welcomed, with open arms, his seminal releases such as Overyohead and Moonlight Music & You, before the likes of Howard Thomas and Warren Harris found a home on the imprint in the mid-2000s with similarly impressive productions. A truly revered selector, this All Night Long performance will offer a blank canvas for Theo to craft something truly special. Often describing his own records as “sound sculptures”, the Chicago native will be able to sculpt a performance that traverses the past and present alike: with music that speaks from the heart but moves from the soul. Two of Theo’s handpicked contemporaries will be leading proceedings in our other room, as Deon Jamar and Thomas Xu bring their eclectic house sound to the intimate confines of our Black Studio. Key Info -
  • Theo Parrish All Night Long - Flyer front
    Theo Parrish All Night Long - Flyer back