Toi.Toi.Musik & Un_Mute presents Rhadoo, Junki Inoue, Christian AB &More

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    Rhadoo Christian AB Junki Inoue Dubtil Nicky Macha Afterparty: Zach G These artists are spread between the two venues, Fold and Starlane Pizza Bar. For the afterparty tickets go to Shotgun here:
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  • This event has been rescheduled to 02 April 2022 and this will be a partnership with our closest and most appreciated promoters in the world, Un_Mute Miami. We pride very much in introducing them to London, to our home. Welcome Benji. :) This event is very much close to my heart as, after 3 years away from our original setting, the London warehouse, we are now back with some of those I mostly appreciate as artists, also portraying a reflection of my exploration in Romania and the world during my "away" period.  In three years a lot can happen, especially to a city like London and in current times of Brexit.  I pride very much on the quality of the crowd I had, the community we had built together which in itself is a "fight" against those horrible times we are faced with. This is the one occasion I am hoping to bring all of us back together.  To head this line up of amazing people and artists I have chosen someone that for so many years has been an example to my philosophy, and one that is as passionate as I am, Rhadoo. I am probably suspicious to talk about this artist but those that know me know that my subjective view is left out when talking about artistry, here is no different. You see, this is someone that puts the art of Djing to such a level that not many can, this is a mixing technique that is so unique it not only elevates the value of his record digging (which oh boy is really high) but it adds to the creation of entirely new records brought out by alien mixing. An orchestration of channeling, fading, filtering, cutting.   In order to create this full journey in the most diverse way possible, we have our resident Junki Inoue, this outstanding japanese precision which has been getting chins to drop lately such as playing Closer alongside Zip, Craig Richards and their residents, his Summer of Love Festival before Onur Ozer and his closing set at Cartulis recently. Christian AB is the guest we have been waiting to tell you about. Whether on a b2b with Quest or on a line up with Rhadoo like here, Christian never disappoints. It is also his first time playing Toi Toi so we are excited to welcome him. On opening duties the amazing Nicky Macha from Outransa followed by one of our own, Dubtil who needs no introduction. We have 12 hours at the warehouse and another 12hrs at our dear local, The Lion & Lamb. I am hoping to see you all. To do the honours, Zach G, from NYC will be on open duties for the afters at Starlane which is across the road from FOLD. Please buy tickets in advance to guarantee entry. AFTERPARTY TICKETS HERE: Thank you Isis Salvaterra
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