Big Opening Goodfellas with Magda // Zaccaria Malak

  • 📅 Sabato 16 Novembre 2019 GOODFELLAS | The Big Opening. ✨ Special guests: MAGDA (Frustrated Funk - Clone) Zaccaria Malak (Moan - Little Helpers) Bio: MAGDA // Magda's realm as an artist spans far beyond the typical role of DJ and producer. With an open mind, Magda will try her hand at whatever feels right – from music technology collaborations and events to producing premium Tequila - creating a truly unique, multifaceted expression of herself. Born in Poland and raised in Detroit, Magda discovered beauty and inspiration in raw urban landscape. In 1998, she joined Minus and began touring as Richie Hawtin's opening DJ. In 2006, Magda established the Items & Things label and booking agency with Troy Pierce and Marc Houle. In 2017, she launched the Perm event series in Berlin. Since her first international tour in 2003, Magda established herself globally as an artist known for pushing musical boundaries and expressing her unique style. Magda first made her name as part of Richie Hawtin’s Minus label family, releasing her forward thinking DJ mix album 'She's A Dancing Machine' in 2006, followed by her debut artist album ‘From The Fallen Page’ in 2010. Magda’s remix work includes Plastikman and Depeche Mode and DJ mix albums for Fabric, Balance as well as a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Recently, Magda has produced and performed alongside T.B. Arthur as Blotter Trax and recording with Ectomorph’s BMG. Blotter Trax combines modular synthesis, live improvisation and rhythmic exploration. Performance highlights have included live audio-visual duets with video artist Lillevan (Morton Subotnick, Christian Fennesz) and a recent club tour of Japan which saw the duo performing live and transitioning into Magda’s signature DJ sets. Magda is amongst the most high-profile and in demand artists, having proven herself as a consistent, adventurous and exceptional performer, with a knack for bringing music together in unexpected ways. ZACCARIA MALAK // Born in France, living between Italy and Spain, Zaccaria is a DJ and producer that he moved his first steps in music as a child studying piano for over ten years. Moving from the piano to the turntables, his genuine talent and his style have brought him in a lot of important dj-booth between the UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, becoming also, in 2017, one of the dj resident of the party Memento Xs run by Idriss D and Db Artists at Macarena Club in Barcelona, one of the best micro club in the world. As a music producer, he attended the academy “Audio Engine Music” where he learned the techniques of composition through modern software and his training continues at the “London School of Sound” where he acquired the art of mixing and mastering. His music studio over the years, gets populated by a lot of analog machines with which ones he express his creativity and concept of sound. His productions released on labels like Moan, Little Helpers (and more) are now supported by the leading exponents of the music electronic industry. 🎧 resident djs: DALBE UNDELIVING ALE MOOD_OUT MAURO ALPHA MARCO MARZOLLA ___________________________________________________ 🔞 INGRESSO VIETATO AI MINORI DI ANNI 18 Doors opening: h23.00 📞 INFOLINE & RESERVATION: - Diego Jerry Gerardo 348.5943606 - Marco Pres 345.0721525 ___________________________________________________ @Tropical, via Roma 135, Lusia (RO) - Italy
  • Big Opening Goodfellas with Magda // Zaccaria Malak - Flyer front
    Big Opening Goodfellas with Magda // Zaccaria Malak - Flyer back