Opaque: Kamma & Masalo X Telephones at Bloc

  • Opaque - Kamma & Masalo - Telephones Christmas comes 5 days early this year! As a present from us, we're flying in Brighter Days CEOs and Dutch royalty KAMMA & Masalo to London on the 20th December for an extended 3 hour set. Balaeric Bossman Telephones will be passing by to season the night with the finest houuuuuse and italo 🔥. International Exterrestrial Music (IEM) curator Thom Parris is on preheating (200 F) duties alongside Opaque family, Jake De Glanville. Christmas hats encouraged - Mince pies for the early arrivers! See you at the front, OPAQUE Facebook event here -----> http://bit.ly/2OvWGNW
  • Opaque: Kamma & Masalo X Telephones at Bloc - Flyer front