3hd 2019: E-Scape. Breaking the Trance

  • In a city now famous for a club culture built on the organized raves of abandoned spaces, “E-scape. Breaking the Trance” transforms the former postal bank office of Postscheckamt into an exhibition space, and for a brief moment, its own kind of critical rave. As early 00s ravers themselves, 3hd Festival’s organizers aim to reconnect with what made the places they inhabited so vital in the past, while acknowledging that some of Berlin’s most famous spots have been subsumed by capitalist logic in the present. As club and techno culture is codified, corporatized and institutionalized, “E-scape” explores new ways of re-accessing and re-annexing these already occupied spaces with a panel, moderated by Lou Drago, a DJ set by Malibu and a dance piece by choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Michele Rizzo in the (Un)real E-State" exhibition space. Soundtracked by Lorenzo Senni, “HIGHER xtn.” considers the power of dance by focusing on the nightclub as a site of community building and radical self-expression. Image by Ink Agop at Paradise Found 3hd Festival is curated and organized by Creamcake, and made possible with the support of Hauptstadtkulturfonds and Musicboard Berlin.
  • 3hd 2019: E-Scape. Breaking the Trance - Flyer front