The Spectrum Halloween: The Other Ship

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    OTHER SOUNDS: A Village Raid Hatechild. x Lalita JJESUS Marie Karlberg Nita Aviance Ne/Re/A OTHER SHOWS: VILE x Cami Montoya gage of the boone
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  • This Halloween Night we've invited our friends at The Spectrum over to transport us to another dimension. Here's how it's looking... OTHER BEINGS OTHER WORLDS OTHER REALMS OTHER DIMENSIONS OTHER PLANETS WELCOME to the OTHER SHIP: trans dimensional / trans world travel here we go... This Halloween we Xplore otherness in all its forms. Last week the Navy and CNN announced that all the videos are actually UFOs... not that we ever really had a question @ this but I guess they officially "came out of the Space Closet" after all these years. ALIEN NATION all the way with all these different worlds connecting, and beings sharing space : The veil is thin : so Everyone is invited... Cheaper at the door in other worldly attire... its HALLOWEEN so push it to the limit. Lets see how far we can go... Doors @ 10pm FREE Before 11pm with RSVP, $15 otherwise $10 B4 Midnight with RSVP, $15 otherwise $20 B4 3am $30 after we go til 8AM LIMITED PRE-SALE TICKETS A reminder THE SPECTRUM is a space that attempts to be as safe as possible for people to express themselves and open their minds, to be as free as they can: this is first and foremost a space for queers / the LGBTQIA++ community, if you are an ally thank you for your support but please remember to respect the importance of this space as there are many a STR8 establishment and few Queer owned/ run spaces. ☾ ☾ NOWADAYS SAFER SPACE POLICY ☾ ☾ In an effort to create a space where all people feel safe, violence, non-consensual touching, racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ageist or other discriminatory language, and leering are not allowed within our walls or in our back yard. If someone says or does anything to make you feel uncomfortable while you’re here, let us know. All our safer space monitors (look for the red armbands on the dance floor), bartenders, security, managers, sound staff and door staff can help you. ☾ ☾ PHONES AND PHOTOS ☾ ☾ Also, for the sake of the vibe, please don’t use your phone or take pictures on or around the dance floor.
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      Free before 11pm with RSVP, $15 before midnight with RSVP, $15 & $20 advance
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