Unter XXXtraween

  • Who needs sleep, anyway? Gear up for another night of after-hours shenanigans with Unter resident Volvox and Boris. The Berlin DJ will be leaving his worn decks at Panorama Bar to give a set which should be as spirally as his recent RA podcast.
  • -= PRE-SALE TIX SOLD-OUT *SELECT* TIX AVAIL AT DOOR =- Unter Adult Novelties Vending Machines Repair Services Dept. 609 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11216 Hello, valued customer! Your vending machine #420-69 has been fixed, and is ready for pick-up! Please note that, due to mechanical failures stemming from various foreign objects being lodged in your quarters-only coin slot, the novelty slots and their respective contents have had to be rearranged in the following order: Boris (Berghain | Panorama Bar / Berlin) Steve Poindexter (Dance Mania / Chicago) Volvox (Unter / NYC) Amanda Mussi, house set (Mamba Negra/ São Paulo) Juana (Discwoman / Washington, D.C.) Mary Yuzovskaya (Unter / NYC) Love Letters (The Bunker NY / NYC) Quest?onmarc (NYC) DJ Lisa Frank (ROAM, TNX / Washington, D.C.) Rachel Noon (Unter / NYC) Please come receive your package between the hours of 11pm on October 26th and 11am on October 27th at our temporary offices on 609 DeKalb Avenue in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. On that date, due to the adult nature of our erotic enterprise, our claims and customer service offices will be a predominantly fetishwear-only space. A strict fetish party door policy will thusly be enacted for all members seeking entry. Note that this policy will relax somewhat for all pickups after 6am, when regular office hours will commence and continue until close. The office will offer a deep door discount on access to our entire menu of rave and repair services for the first hour of business, between 11pm and 12am. For more information, pls see FAQ at the following web address: http://fuckunter.com/xtra/faq.php Our friends at the Purple Passion store are offering everyone who mentions “Unter” a 10% discount on appropriate attire. 211 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011 Plz note: - Photography, video, and use of cell-phones is strictly prohibited. - The office will carry a $3 coat- and item-check but please remember that our facilities are limited, so come as light as possible. Unter Adult Novelties Rules ■ We seek to create and maintain a safe and diverse space where consent and respect are our first priorities. ■ Please keep your phones in your pockets at all times: *absolutely* no photos or videos allowed. ■ Do not willfully damage or compromise the space or its guests or employees in any manner. ■ Harassment of any kind (unwanted contact, verbal or physical abuse, racism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, misogyny, etc.) will NOT be tolerated and will lead to immediate discharge from the venue: this includes any sort of harassment or aggression both inside and outside the space. ■ Anyone seen in possession, using, or aiding in use of GBL or GHB, a potentially deadly chemical, will be swiftly escorted out, and henceforth barred for life from all future Unter events. ■ For these reasons, a ticket does not guarantee entry, and will be voided if you are to be found in violation of any of these regulations or our community's collective ethics, which you can read up on here: https://bit.ly/2O1Teav.
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