Resident Advisor | twenty four/seven London

  • For the first-ever London edition of twenty four/seven, we've brought together a lineup that's a love letter to UK rave and London club culture. Come down to FOLD to take part in a 24-hour multi-faceted event. Across the venue's never-seen-before spaces, you can sit in on a panel discussion, broaden your knowledge in workshops, stumble upon secret raves and much more. Get stuck in.
  • In the year we’ve spent traveling around the world with our twenty four/seven series, we’ve had clubbing moments you never forget. Kerri Chandler playing in the rain in Berlin. Vogue workshops and an 11 AM Midland set in Bogota. Freddy K smashing up Milan with his techno slammers. Aurora Halal playing audible lighting in New York before DJ Sprinkles calmed the storm during sunrise. London is a city whose musical influence spans countries and decades. It’s our home turf and we want to do it justice. Rave culture in London is alive and well (you’ve listed on average 270 events a week on RA in the past year–mad!) Sure, it takes some blows, but it gets up and gives us life-changing moments every weekend. It’s a part of our lives as Londoners new and old, raving is what we do. Throughout the 24 hours, we’ve brought together a number of artists who are important to this city and those across the globe who’ve taken inspiration from it. Representing the UK scene, we’ll have Mala (who will be warming things up from 3:00 PM), Fabio, 2 Bad Mice, DEBONAIR, DJ Bus Replacement Service, SHERELLE, Leif, Seb Glover, El-B and India Jordan. There are also a bunch of back-to-backs and duos down to play, such as Objekt & Elena Colombi, Mantra & Double O and FOLD residents Voicedrone & James Newmarch. Plus a handful of UK parties and collectives will be on board: Meat Free’s Blasha & Allatt, Chapter 10's Gideön & Dan Beaumont, SIREN’s JAY & Sybil, Martha & Tempo Soundsystem and HMT Hard Cru. Rounding out the lineup are international guests like LYZZA, PLO Man and De School’s Elias Mazian & Luc Mast. Plus, there’ll be secret guests only to be revealed when they step into the DJ booth. We’ll also run a programme of interviews, panels and workshops with London’s CDR. Among them are an Art Of DJing interview with Fabio, RA Exchange with Gideön and two workshops with CDR and EQ:50, featuring Mantra and DJ Flight. For the panels,Truants’ Soraya Brouwer and Meat Free’s Allatt will discuss booking a party, EL-B and DEBONAIR will talk pirate radio, and another group will share “The best raves you’ve never heard of.” This will all be taking place across five spaces: the main dance floor, AKA the Front (Left) Room, and more intimate spaces, Always In The Kitchen, The Greasy Spoon and a two secret spaces hidden in the complex for you to find. We’ll be running from midday Saturday to midday Sunday. Get a good night’s sleep Friday, a solid breakfast and come and party. //////// How tickets work \\\\\\\\ Each ticket tier has an entry time. You’ll have access to every part of the event from the time listed on your ticket, but you must arrive in your allotted time. You can then stay as long as you want, and you will be permitted re-entry, but you’ll need to initially arrive in your allotted time-frame. For example, if you purchase a BETWEEN 6PM-12AM ticket, you must arrive between these hours. You can then stay as long as you want, and if you wanna head home for a disco nap, you will be permitted re-entry, so long as you arrived initially in your allotted timeframe. Just make sure you don’t wash your stamp off if you head home for a rest in the middle and you can re-enter. //////// enjoying the vibe \\\\\\\\ We want everyone to have a good time and feel totally comfortable. Throughout the event you’ll find RA staff wearing sizeable red wristbands, we’re all here to help. If someone says or does anything to make you feel uncomfortable while you’re here, let us know and we’ll help you.
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