Disco Církev with Marcello Giordani

  • After our excursion into unknown waters of Bratislava’s Fuga club, we are looking forward to returning to our home base of Ankali. This time with premium Italian selector and producer Marcello Giordani DJ. We also kidnapped Bratislava’s front line raver and DJ - Kabal, and prepared a stacked local line up of fine disco selectors including Jorgos. MARCELLO GIORDANI Marcello is usually presented as a collector of rare Italo-Disco records, and is at the forefront of the ‘ITALO DEVIANCE’ record label, blog and "the best resource of obscure italo disco on the net (since 2008)". With those attributes under his glitter studded belt, we could not wait to invite him to Prague’s front. His inspirations come mainly from New York’s staple club Paradise Garage, which is very close to our heart. Lets see what he prepares for the neon lit dancefloor of Ankali. Have a listen to his ‘Non-Stop Dancing’ podcast and get prepared for his vocoder-and-sixteenth-note-basslines World. https://soundcloud.com/marcellogiordani/marcello-giordani-o-non-stop https://www.italodeviance.com KABAL Bratislava’s best kept secret. He is a DJ, music producer and critic based in Bratislava. Regular in Fuga club where he runs Junction Bratislava and Counterpoint events. He works as music editor at Kapitál, and is co-founder of a cassette label called Evocative Objects. Kabal has prepared an educative closing disco set for us, so lets see where Bratislava is heading in terms of disco. JORGOS Successful graphic designer by day, brilliant record selector by night. Its a huge pleasure to finally be inviting him to show us his precise disco selection. Spinning since the days of czech hip hop’s peak, we are sure to hear some rare urban selections as well as disco oriented dance floor burners. Prepare to get sweaty and funky. DJ SEN & ST. JAKOB The line up will be garnished with Disco Cirkev residents St. Jakob (formerly known as DJ Discobollos) and DJ Sen, in a now usual back to back sensation full of drum machine rhythms, soulful vocals and mesmerising synthesisers. GET ENERGISED WITH US, WINTER IS COMING.
  • Disco Církev with Marcello Giordani - Flyer front