Europalia Romania w Khidja (Live), Eirwud Mudwasser, Kinema Ikon

  • Romania's Khidja performs using digital samplers, modular synthesisers and guitar.
  • 09.10.Mi Start: 20:00 Europalia Romania X arkaoda Khidja (Live) + Eirwud Mudwasser DJ Set + Kinema Ikon (Screening) We are excited to announce EUROPALIA ROMANIA 2019, the next edition of the EUROPALIA international arts Festival. After a spectacular edition dedicated to Indonesia (2017), the Biennale is now joining forces with Romania, a country with a fascinating history and captivating cultural scene. The flagship event of EUROPALIA ROMANIA is a grand exhibition about Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957), one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century. It will be the first time in 25 years that a solo exhibition showcases the work of this extraordinarily versatile artist. Opening on October 2, 2019, at Bozar, Brussels, the exhibition will bring together famous pieces from museums and private collections around the world. In terms of music and performing arts, EUROPALIA will explore the country's rich culture and traditions, as well as actively stimulate new partnerships between Belgian, Romanian, and international artists and shine a light on emerging talent. The interdisciplinary and diverse programme will consist of around 200 events in over 50 locations. We cannot wait to share all of them with you! To realize this festival, EUROPALIA collaborates closely with the ROMANIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE as well as a number of cultural partners in Romania. To receive the latest updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check our website regularly. KHIDJA (Live) Khidja and Mihai Balabas have been long time collaborators by now, their most fruitful venture came together recently in the form of a 4 track EP for the Malka Tuti label. The new live show is exploring more hypnotic territories where movement and rhythm are generated through micro tuned percussion. Think of gamelan rhythms. It will not be a club set, (basically containing no kick drums) but it will still be powerful enough to move crowds. Since part of the equipment involved will be mostly analog there is a large margin of chance left to the swing of the different machines and sequencers interacting with each other. The music could be crossdressed as a creature sitting between Steve Reich’s more percussive work and 70s reinterpretations of western and eastern rhythms of Chris Hinze or even Savant aka K. Leimer. Khidja will be performing on digital samplers, semi modular synthesisers, sequencers and contact mics while Mihai Balabas will be using a guitar, a guitar synthesiser, a looper and effects while Rob Szeliga will play the bass clarinet. British visual artist George Jasper Stone is taking care of the visuals, he will be modulating CGI like landscapes using digital software. The visuals will be synchronised to parts of the audio, the audio will trigger elements and the direction of the video. EIRWUD MUDWASSER DJ-SET The alias of young Romanian producer Vlad Matei speaks of a spiritual bond with nature and of a longing toward a purity of form in the eclectic tastes that make up his sound. In his productions as well as DJ sets, the heady brew that defines his sound is a mix of New Beat, Dub, Tribal House and Berlin School electronics. He’s also into that classic afro-cosmic sound and the leftfield take on ‘balearic’ that has gained ground in recent years. Warm yet vicious, the balance between the metallic and the organic is like a vibrating core throughout the tracks on his debut 12 as well as on his new album on the Japanese Snaker label. Much of his style can also be traced to his fascination with the aesthetics of Japanese martial arts movies, which lends substance to his disciplined approach: sometimes bordering on the minimalistic but always with a window open towards the wilderness. KINEMA IKON During the communist times, the artists of Kinema Ikon have found ways to access and recycle bits of film stock which, in the days of censorship and exorbitant state-control, was difficult and risky. The artists made collages with the leftovers of 16mm film that had been mostly used for propaganda films and created a series of experimental works of rare beauty. Hence the unofficial character of these shorts: no soundtracks could be composed, so the music was taken from western recordings that had been circulating between music lovers in intellectual circles. Kinema Ikon multimedia atelier has undergone different stages. From 1970-1989 they worked on experimental film, from 1990-1993 with mixed media, from 1994-2005 with hypermedia; from 2006 with both hypermedia and hybrid media. Since 1994 the group has been publishing the Intermedia magazine. Europalia has asked 5 Romanian and 5 Belgian artists to re-score a selection of 10 shorts for a World Premiere at the Ghent Film Festival / Vooruit Ghent followed by a tour. They will be screened for the very first time outside of Romania since 1990 at Centre Pompidou in Paris. 1. BIRD HUNTING (d. Emanuel Tet, 1980) – rescored by Ben Bertrand 2. PULSIONS (d. Marcela Muntean, 1983) – rescored by Céline Gillain 3. SELF-PORTRAIT (d. Iosif Stroia, 1984) – rescored by Velvet C 4. CUT-UPS (d. George Sabau, 1980-85) – rescored by Inne Eysermans 5. SPRING-COMING EFFECTS (d. Ioan Pleș, 1978) – rescored by Maxime Jacobs 6. ALONE WITH THE SNOW (d. Romulus Budiu, 1975) – rescored by SelfMadeMusic 7. AUTOPSY OF FORGIVENESS (d. Ioan T. Morar, 1977) – rescored by Iancu Dumitrescu 8. SUBLIMINAL EXERCISE (d. Alexandru Pecican, 1979) – rescored by Dyslex 9. BEGINNING OF COHERENCE (d. Valentin Constantin, 1981) – rescored by Monica Vlad 10. LIQUID LANDSCAPE (d. Viorel Simulov, 1988) – rescored by Makunouchi Bento
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