Gegen Pain at the Altar of NYX

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    • Köpenicker Strasse 76; Mitte; 10179 Berlin; Germany
  • Date
    Fri, 1 Nov 2019
    23:00 - 11:00
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    • 82
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    GEGENTANZ Oliver Deutschmann (Hotflush/Mote Evlover) IRA (Gegen Berlin) AT.AVEM (Nackt/Pal) Martina S. (Gegen Berlin) Karina Qanir (Gegen Berlin) ALTAR OF NYX Eleusinia Mysteria (Altar of Nyx) Faux Naif (Mouthiimouth) JK Flesh Live (Downwards/Hospital Productions/Electric deluxe) Rangelova (Altar of Nyx) Shrouds (Strange Therapy/Black Carpet Records) Visuals: Kinomatik (Gegen/The Erasers) HOUSE OF GEGEN SERGIO WOW! (The Magicake/Rustblade Records) RONNY RANZIG ( ) LA Schmock (Gegen Berlin) BEARCAVE BEARKEEPER (Gegen Berlin) PAIN Performance: Kiril Bikov PAIN Installation: “APOKÀLYPSIS I” by BELLA MERDA DESIGN 📌GEGEN PHOTOS: Gili Shani - Photographer 📌GEGEN LIGHTS: ROTEMxYA 📌GEGEN HOSTING: MYSTI 📌GEGEN INFO: manCheck
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  • GEGEN PAIN Hate against sexual autonomy is growing on our very doorstep. The city of Szczecin is only 120 km away from Berlin. A pride parade has just taken place there, against a regime that is calling for the so-called »LGBT-free zones«. This hate is nothing more than an emotional drug to numb a deep-seated pain. This hate is the most disgusting painkiller. We have to understand that pain simply is a part of us and all of us have to decide which relationships we want to create with it. Pain is so much more than biology. It is the most complete sensory experience, the ultimate feeling. Nowhere do we experience ourselves more intensely than in this unbearable confrontation with our corporealities. Pain can connect our bodies with our minds. And yet we fear it more than death. Even if we accept that we have to die, it has to be at least painless. But why? And what is precisely the difference to pleasure-pain, a well-orchestrated punishment inflicted on somebody as a reward? Pain forces and allows us to distance ourselves: As anguished people, we see ourselves from the outside as victims, as passive sufferers or as active self-castigators or indeed as pleasurable beings. Ecstatic pain can be deliberately used to mislead the victim-perpetrator fabric. This is the paradox and liberating moment where pain celebrates us and can become its phantom. Break your subjective identity, face your anger and give yourself to the pain. GEGEN PAIN Concept courtesy of Mirko Winkel Grafic by Stefan Fähler
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